Anyone train at Machado's in Dallas?


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Dec 7, 2004
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I have a friend who's interested about the place but I don't know that much about their training. I've seen their website, but no one picks up their phone. Is it pretty much all sport BJJ training? Do they go over self defense stuff? How often to they train no-gi? How much do they go over takedowns? Does Carlos teach most of the classes? Thanks in advance homies.
Lot's of people here, including hayliks and guardpasser go there. They should respond promptly.
I do not train there but give him this link:

This is a community board and he can post/search the forum to answer these questions.
Send a message to blumpkinboy. He trains there.
i trained there for a month , last month, all gi classes that i went to, and very good.
Carlos seems top stick to the same techniques and variances mof them for a few weeks at a time and it really gets you into the habit of doing them correctly and without hesitation.
i enjoyed the classes a lot, i hope to be there again soon.
i think 1 month unlimited is 150.00
carlos teaches all the classes unless he is out of town, then are are several other black belts that wonder in and out.
lots of good brown and purple belts also.
they recently did a lot of takedowns and a couple wrestlers taught some also.
hayliks trains there and teaches some takedowns also.