Anyone Ordered From Punishment Athletics?


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Jul 21, 2005
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I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from Punishment? Is the shipping quick and is the product good quality?
The product is real good quality and when I ordered my item got to me in 3 and a half weeks. I ordered using a money order. I ordered 3 shirts from them and a jersey.
I recieved the gear I ordered from Punishment Athletics on Friday. Great Quality stuff and quick. I'm going to order the fight shorts. I'll do a review when I order and recieve them.
I've HEARD (and emphasise HEARD) that the shorts are terrible. They look like the stuff that Tito wears but is not up to standard with regards to grappling use at all.
Hockeyfight, do me a favor and when you get your fightshorts, tell me if they have an elastic waistband that stretches nicely and if it is only drawstring and not velcro in the front please! I will owe you big time!
I also put in an order for a couple more thing last night a beanie, a hoodie, and two tees. Lil worried about the length of the hoodie though cause it was xxl max.