Anyone in NYC train in this Muy Thai and boxing academy?

A friend of mine trained at his school in the city. I also used to go to a muay thai class that he or one of his student used to teach at a gym in NYC (Chelsea Piers). He is the real deal. One of his students at the time I went to the gym in NYC told me that BJJ guys come and train there all the time. (I mean Vale Tudo/MMA type fighters). Even a guy that I am thinking of training with told said that his school has "good kicks." Check out Phil Nurse
I believe my MT instructor trains there, but I can't give you a definite answer atm. I have seen pictures of him with a shirt with a WAT insignia on it.
Training wise they are probably really good. My instructor is a 2x WKA champion, so I would have to say they can't be all that bad (this is on the assumption that he trained/still trains there)

EDIT: if it sounds as if I am bragging I don't mean it to come off like that. just trying to give you some insite on the type of fighters the wat put out (hmm that can be taken as bragging to if you read it wrong)
I was a member there for about a year before I left NYC for a while, however now I'm back and might re-join depending on where I find an apartment. However last year I spent some time at Fairtex Bangkok so I'm kind of spoiled as far as that goes.

It was fun, the instructors are very good, especially Phil who is excellent. The only thing I didn't like about it was that sometimes the classes were very crowded and the place is kind o f small (of course, it's manhattan, so that's to be expected). The students who go on to fight apparently do very well in fights against other local NY schools and are supposedly known for excellent clinch work (Phil & staff train a LOT of clinch work).

You get one free class, so you might as well go down and check it out. Good luck!