Anyone have a copy of frank trigger ground and pound?


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May 16, 2005
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Firstly, what's it like? Does anyone have a copy to sell? It's no longer available to buy.
Its a good DVD but the techniques leave your neck too exposed
Not sure you'll need it. Basically every technique he shows gets finished with the same core moves.

Like if you are trying to get back up from your back:

Do a technical stand-up, turn your back to the opponent, hand fight with BOTH of your arms on one of his, lift your chin as high as you can, wait.

Or if you are on top in full guard:

Allow him to get an underhook and slip his head under, this time slightly turn your back, again - hand fight with both hands on one of theirs, raise your chin, and wait.

Rinse and repeat.

Someone has a great sig on here that reads "Frank Trigg was once rnc'ed by a turtleneck sweater."