Anyone ever try these type of routines?

This looks interesting. But doing workout #2 with an alternating version of workout #1 seems quite taxing on the system, if i read it correctly.
Wiggy has some interesting ideas pertaining to strength endurance. I like the concepts, but I'm not altogether thrilled with exercise selection to be honest. He's been discussed here in the past, try searching around a bit (although the search function seems a little verklempt right now). in answer to your question though, no. I haven't tried either of those routines.
even though I don't think I would do all 20 deadlifts... the 1st routine seems not too bad... I puke all over the second one however...
I don't follow Wiggy's workouts because they don't suit me physically but I'm having great success with his 2x12-15 set rep system.
Why would you say they don't fit you physicallyy?

His workouts do seem to be a little taxing though.
But wouldn't doing complexes on a regular basis - like what Urban does if I remember well - and with increasing weights, provide the same strength-endurance effect?