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Anyone else into D&D fantasy books?


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Jan 22, 2002
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I remember The Jake having the Raist avatar and quotes.

Right now i am finishing Salvatore's Paths of Darkness Series

I have read all the other Drizzt books (Dark Elf Trilogy, Icewind Dale Trilogy, Legacy of the Drow)

I recently bought The Cleric Quintet also by salvatore.

My current inventory includes the Wheel of time series, Elminster Books, Dragonlance Chronicles, Caramon & Raist Twins series, LOTR, Demonwars Series.

I am starting the War of Souls dragonlance books soon.

I want to get Salvatore's Spearwielder's Tales and Crimson Shadow series, and the Raistlin Chronicles because raistlin is the man. :D

What books do you guys read and do you have any suggestions for good books (doesn't have to be fantasy), especially series books.
Wow FTYD went easy on me, at least i didn't get called a newbie.

I figured this is the response i'd get. :)
I'm presently reading Wheel of time book 7. Then I am going to get back to reading the Warhammer series of novels published by GW.

Posting on the internet is at least as nerdy as reading those books. Oh no I am screwed twice over!
You either get Raistlin or you don't. Most of these illiterate troglodytes that post here wouldn't appreciate high fantasy books.

I'm buying The Soulforge within the week (need something on my flight to LA), I will buy the War of Souls trilogy soon.... they're still releasing the other installments in that trilogy last I checked (I think that was on the Tracey Hickman website) but we'll wait and see. It looks good.

I'm trying to read LOTR but that is the worst read... good story so far just poorly written IMHO. I find myself having to FORCE myself to read it....

If you like these books, buy Robert E. Howard's Conan. Definately worth the read.

- The Jake
the LOTR books are the absolute worst. It had to be the hardest read I ever had. The Movie is way better and that is a rare instance indeed.

out of the dragonlance chronicles id have to say Dragons of Autumn twilight is my favorite.

the Drow series, anyone with Artemis Entrieri. That guy is the coolest villian and his only next runner up is Jaraxle.
your also into Bryan Adams..............................................
I want to see the Dragonlance Legends in a movie.

Imagine Raistlin facing Takhisis on the big screen as he steps through the Portal....

- The Jake
I'd turkey slap FTYD for that comment if he were here right now.

- The Jake
I don't think you would as there is a grain of truth in that statement
Well no I wouldn't I suppose.

But I'd slap him nonetheless. Girls like that don't deserve to be beaten like men.

- The Jake
cant we go a god-damned week without a fucking D&D thread...i guess not...

the only fantasy books i have read area couple of the "Shannara books"...sword of shannara and the elfstone of shannara, NOT BAD AT ALL
Slapping another mans face is possibly the biggest insult ever...

it's almost like whipping off the lather glove and challenging to a duel...
Punk, I think it was a reference to DnD/Fantasy novels, not the RPGs themselves.... slight distinction.

- The Jake
Originally posted by J-Garden
Slapping another mans face is possibly the biggest insult ever...

it's almost like whipping off the lather glove and challenging to a duel...

Damn straight it is. If I say I'd punch you in the mouth, that means I have a modicum of respect for you.

- The Jake
You D&D guys wouldn't ever say that you'll punch someone in the mouth, that just isn't fly enough for you guys, what you would say is

"By the mighty power of Nasmoon lord of the reptile of reekyteeky poo poo i challenge you to a duel good sir"