Anyone else has trouble losing weight?



I am trying to lose some weight. I lost 5 pounds so far. I am 155 and would like to drop at 145 or 150. I am 5 feet 7.

The problem is that I find it extremely difficult. I am no longer 18 year old. At that time, I weighted 140 and it was natural. Today my natural weight is higher.

I try to eat less, but the hunger becomes impossible to resist. So I am progressing very slowly. Also, I might eat only 1 meal a day, but it's a huge 2500 calories meal.
Eat smaller meals more frequently. Do more cardio. Read the other threads. Be patient.
patientce is definatly the key. i just started a new diet and the first few days i noticed a good drop in fat, but now the fat loss is slowing and some more tweaking of the diet is required. Good luck man geting ripped is one of the hardest things to do with the american diet. also you want to lose it slow to minimize muscle loss.
take some fish oil, or sesathin, and up the cardio.
The one meal thing is great, if you want to lose all your muscle.
Eating one meal a day is probably the worst thing you could do. Not eating slows down your metabolism (I am not scientist, but your body is probably trying to ration your nurtrients so that it doesn't run out due to lack of food).

Instead of 1 huge high calorie meal, why not 6 small low calorie meals. Maybe something like

breakfast: oatmeal and 2 egg whites

(2-3hrs later) in-between meal: maybe some low GI fruit (grapes, and apple, ect)

(2-3 hrs later) Lunch: tuna on a whole wheat bread

(2-3 hrs later) in-between meal: maybe some more fruit or some green veggies

(2-3 hrs later) Dinner: a small salad, some type of meat (salmon, steak, chicken breast), and side of green veggies

(and hour or so before you go to sleep) last meal: a serving of fat free cottage cheese

this is just an example, and on workout days you can substitute one of those meals with a protien shake for either pre or post workout (like you workout 2 hours after lunch and drink a protien shake within the hour)

I don't know your schedule so keeping with that format might be hard, but like I said eating one big meal a day is not the way to go.

Finally, do a lot of cardio (runnning, jumping rope) to help burn the fat off quicker.

Good Luck with your diet, I know how hard it is...also if anyone want to make some correction to my sample eating plan go ahead.

EDIT: oh and btw I used to have a bit of trouble losing weight and keeping it off, but once I started eating right and upping my cardio the pounds started to come off. Don't get discouraged and start going off your diet and you should be fine.

I think the number one cause of people putting back on the weight they lost is because they always revert back to their old ways

"Oh, I have been good this week, I can have an extra slice of this 500 calorie cake."
then the next thing you know they are on an infomercial(sp?) for the newest diet craze
"I have tried all the diets on the market. They all worked, but the weight would always come back. On the *insert fad diet here* I last 100 pounds and have kept it off for weeks now!"

EDIT #2: Don't forget to drink a lot of water (not juice or soda...WATER) not only is it the only liquid you ever need, but it supresses your hunger and helps you to not run out and start eating junk. Usually I drink a bottle with every meal.

The best way to know you are drinking enough water is your urine. If it is dark then you are dehydrated. If it is very light yellow (or in my case clear) then you are well hydrated.
The weird thing is, altough I eat much less than before, my weight goes down only very slowly. For example, today, I think I ate under 1000 calories. Seriously. And I had a boxing workout. And I still weight 154 like the past days.

I think that the body might take some time to "adapt". At first, it will stay at the same weight, but once it starts going down, it will lower rapidly.
You just *have* to spread it out man. 2500 calorie bomb once a day ain't going to get it done.
also, while I'm super guilty of this, don't be a scale watcher. Its a marathon, not a sprint. You're weight loss results will be more noticeable and consistant if you check weekly, instead of daily.
OMG I can't seem to go under 154. Today I just ate like a pig...
also, not sure how long you've been dieting, but you'll hit plateaus. You just have to work thourgh them.