Anyone else do a deck of cards workout?


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Dec 9, 2007
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I take a deck of cards and write a different letter on each card, including the following excercises:

one legged jumping squts
jumping squats
regular squats
ab (sit ups/crunches)
core (plank)
push ups
jumping jacks
mountain climbers
shadow box
spiderman lunges

and throw in a few rest cards according to desired intensity of workout.

using a timer, each card's excercise is done for 30 seconds, moving immediately to next workout without rest. Add 5 secs to the workout for increased intensity. Its a good, unpredictale workout that can be done anywhere and imo simulates a fight pretty well.

I got this idea from a ross article which had a similar workout involving squats, sit ups and push ups.

Whaddya think?
I think that if you don't have access to weights or anything that that is a good way to get in an extra workout. Wouldn't make that your staple though.
I limit mine to just two exercises, one for black and one for red. But I switch the exercises up each time I do it.
ive tried it before with two exercises. that was a long time ago. about 50lbs ago....
Yep, I've done these before. Though I choose four exercises and base it on suit and do the number of reps as relates to the card's value (face cards = 12 // ace = 15). And try to have the deck finished in the shortest time possible.

Normally I just stick to the basics: push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and burpess. Sucks when you draw like 3 of the same suit in a row though :p

I find this is a good one to do when you're travelling or just short of time.
i used to do that for awhile. was pretty good workout and was always different. it would seem like one workout really blasted one exercise
I do it when I'm bored and feel like some quick cardio.

Burpees, divebombers, jumping squats and pull-ups.
I've actually been doing this for quite some time. I've used it with a lot of the athletes I've worked with. Since I am also a graphic designer, I also printed out my own batch of the cards so that they were pretty customized. Done right, with varying levels of difficulty can make these pretty hard.
I'll have to do these, an exercise per suit sounds good.
Everyone always hates the burpee card, I know that much.
Krossinc can you get a scan/photo of the cards please? sounds cool!
It's a great workout.

I've done the red/black variety which is 190 of each exercise when you are finished. I've done "normal" push-ups with squats, as well as hindu push-ups with squats.
Krossinc can you get a scan/photo of the cards please? sounds cool!

Actually, I've been meaning to create a new deck so I might wait until then. I made them during my freshman year of school and I'm not a big fan of their design. Send me a PM though so I'll remember to send you a picture.
I have my JROTC Raider team (kind of like track and field for JROTC, I'm commander), do a deck of cards set-up, reds are push-ups, blacks sit-ups, and you have to do the set number (1-10 and numerical equivalent for royals.)