Anybody watching the Boxing PPV on right now?


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Jul 22, 2006
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I happened to find this on accident just browsing around channels, but so far it's been pretty good. There hasn't been much promotion for this fight. Did anyone even know this was going on? Hector Camacho Jr. is fighting right now and the main event is going to be Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. some guy who is undefeated. $35 though. Ehh. It seems Chavez Jr. has been headlining a lot of small time PPVs the past few months.
I have Omar down 2-1. I'm sure he'll get the hometown decision though. The ref is already against Nazareth.
Well his Opponent looks good on paper :icon_chee but I want to see the 2 Jr's Fight :icon_chee and BTW can you do the PBP
Nazareth won that fight. Now let's watch as the judges fuck him over.
I thought Chavez won 3-1. I guess if you want to give the udnerdog credit it could bE 2-2. I just think Chavez landed the harder shots between the two.
Anybody want to update us on what's going on?
Both Chavez sons are chit.

Bob Arum is exploiting the fans once again by putting on these shit cards on PPV.

Fuck you Mr. Arum

(Please don't ban me for promoter bashing mods) :) :)
Yeah, there are a lot of cards that get put on PPV that really aren't PPV worthy. Not bashing, just saying......
Omar needs a dermatologist not a cutman. Was JCC Jr. cutman using a bean dip can as an enswell?