Anybody use this move?

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May 24, 2004
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Maybe not a move but more of a set up. I haven't really seen it used in competition much, the only time was when Vitor Belfort fought Ricco Rodriguez in ADCC. I've found that it works pretty well, but I guess you can considering it somewhat risky depending on who you are rolling against.

You are inside your opponents guard. You purposely place your hand down on the mat and give them the idea that they have a shot at the Kimura. When they open their legs to sit up, you hop on over (to the opposite side of the arm you are giving) and you usually end up on your opponents back. how many of you guys use this one?
Dean Lister did something like this in KOTC, the very first time he fought ther. (5 or 6)
Someone tried that to me the other day, but I still got the Kimura >;D
yea one of the guys at our place uses that bait , into several moves
anyone have a clip of this technique ? I can picture it but seeing it in action would make it a lot better.
Spoonman7 said:
anyone have a clip of this technique ? I can picture it but seeing it in action would make it a lot better.

yeah i have a vivid picture of how i it would look but a clip would better
i usually place my other hand on there knee so i can push it away as soon as they try the kimura
if it's the move i remember vitor did it really fast, it was really impressive. i've never tried it though.
marcello garcia has this move on his taking the back instructional, except he shows it as a counter to the hip heist sweep - which has the same setup as the kimura and is often used in combination. why do you have to open your legs for the kimura?
are garcia's instructionals good? one guy i know has a set and says they're alright, but i've never seen them. i'd expect they'd be pretty good.
i only have taking the back and its alright. all the moves are really advanced, which makes it kinda hit or miss. some moves arent really practical at all, unles syou are rolling against someone with tons less experience, while others are pretty bad ass. you will definitely see things you havent seen before tho.
I do it occasionaly just to "see" if it'll work, usually it doesn't.