Anybody train MMA in PEI?


lost in the internets
Jan 9, 2008
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Hey guys, I just moved to Summerside, Prince Edward Island for school and I'm looking for somewhere to train here. I know there's a good gym in Stratford but I don't have a car and the transit is 20$ a round trip which I can't afford right now for however many days a week plus gym fees.

So my question is, is there anybody from Summerside that goes to Stratford to train or would like to start going? I can split on gas and pay you weekly. Even better, is there a club here in Summerside?

Sorry if this isn't the right forum, I guess I'm just a n00b :redface:
that's fucking tempting man, that looks like a sick club
I might have to make a weekend/week trip and check it out sometime soon
feel like putting up a fellow Sherdogger for a few days? :p