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Anybody own a hoodie?


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Oct 15, 2003
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Winter is approaching Cali. and I need a new hoodie was wondering which one everyone has. I'd like to get an MMA related one just to buy one :wink: Anyeways I need some ideas. I was looking at the ones www.viciousfightgear.com These seem pretty sweet. Any thing else besides these? Peace!
I have a hoodie...it's not a MMA hoodie though.

I plan on getting a MMA one relativly soon as winter is coming up here in Oregon.
I have a Hoodie too, but its pretty much beat up. I just got a new job so I'm no longer in poverty, and need to buy new clothes BAD. Being a broke ass college student is tough. My books cost me 5x more than my classes. The Hitmans hoodie looks pretty sweet.
We have some new designs in the works. The graphics are awesome. I'm getting hoodies made as we speak.

There are some pretty nice Wand hoodies out there as well.
The Triggonomics Collegiate sweatshirt is teh greatness. I am a Trigg fan but his hoodie is nice. Fits perfect and feels great. Big head hole too so you don't HAVE to cut a slit in it to get it over your head easily.
I got a Punishment Athleitics one It's pretty sweet, I've also got a sprawl one around here somewhere.
I've got a sprawl and fcfighter hoodie, 2 evolution hoodies also
nice I always like the FCFighter hoodie.
I have a Sprawl one and its fuggin sweet dude, so comfy. Logo on the front, back and right sleeve. It has the logo stitched on the side of the hood too, just like they have on the side of all their shorts, its a sweet detail.
I had an MMA Gear one before my girlfriend lost it, which was quite nice, but a little too thin.

Now I have a Chute Boxe hoodie, an FCFighter hoodie, and a Hybrid Fightwear hoodie (from the now defunct Hybrid Co., which a friend used to run...)

Out of them all, I tend to favor the FCFighter hoodie; it's really thick, and what can possibly be better than having a larger than life FCF logo on your chest?
Do any of these, specifically the Sprawl hoodie, pill when washed or worn? My hoodies are cheap and will pill, leaving lil black thread balls on my clothing, which is annoying.
My favorite hoodie is actually some generic one (Mossimo, I think?) from Target, I've had it for like 3 years, it was only like $20 and its held up great, except I've worn it so much the logo faded and it's now a plain grey hoodie. Anyway the Tapout hoodies look cool, but they're pretty expensive, like $50.00, so I'm probably just gonna go get another one from Target.
lol at the target hoodie, I just bought a hoodie from the mall that says NEWYORK on it for under $7.00, now thats a good deal. Pretty cool looking too, lol.
I have a hoody from FCF, its sweet but I reccomend buying a size smaller than usual..I bought a Large and it swam on me..Medium fits nice..so go a size smaller.
I have some shirts from KTFO and there pretty nice..Cant go wrong with the Chute Boxe hoodie though
Once I get the bills I might get a chute boxe one. Not to in your face and pretty interesting to someone on the streets.
I have a Sprawl and Cobbtwenty8. The Sprawl is much nicer and both don't scream "I'm a badass". I'm going to get a nogi one as soon as they are on the website. Nogi makes cool stuff, their shirts and shorts are awesome.

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