anybody know the prices of these bjj schools in nyc?


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Oct 10, 2003
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well ive been looken around for bjj places in nyc. i know of renzos and stuff but thats way to expensive. right now ive been thinken about machado's and clemente's. anyone know the monthly prices for unlimited there? im asken here cause a lot of places tell u to come by and take an intro class before they tell u the pricing so any help would be great.
Well depends on where you live. I know there's a Renzo affiliate in the Bronx named Rob and from waht I heard today, he taught a freakin excellent class along with Gene Dunn. Weonlywonsixtwo, the user, trains with Gene Dunn as well and he is located in Brooklyn. I wonder if Spanish Rob has a website for his school up. One of the girls that trains there looked like she can school most teenaged boys in the intermediate and advanced division. So obviously he's a great teacher.