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Anybody have Ephedrine insight?


Brand Nizzel

Is it really as bad/dangerous for you as reported? Anybody know the dosages / when / how it should be taken? Muchos Gracias!
Oh come on now.

Do you even know what a seach button or google is for.

Your lack of effort to research and come up with a original question


Do some BASIC research and ask another, more informed question

Or complain I'm not helping you, whine and pout and continue to ask the same question again.
How come when I read 'Ephedrine Insight' I immediately thought it was some sort of power gained by consuming ephedrine.

Y'know, like the spice melange?

....I'm a dork.
u get alot of diareaha! seriously!

You're not taking enough then, double or even triple the dosage. That'll cure it.
u get alot of diareaha! seriously!

Like those fat free pringles potato chips? I ate some of those one time and was pretty sure I could shit through a screen door and not touch a wire...

its ephedra, from the leaves - not nearly the same effect as ephedrine hcl, the alkaloids. the one in this pill doesnt have the alkaloids, which are the effective part.

in the ephedrine thread I started there is some discussion about this.