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Anybody have a good Carlson Gracie Logo?


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Aug 18, 2006
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I am designing a banner as a gift to my instructor. We are celebrating our grand opening April 1st (we've been renting mat space up till now). Anyway, he trained under Carlson up until Carlson passed and was very close to him. So, we wanted to put a nice banner of Carlson in the academy. It is going to be 5 feet wide by 3 feet tall. The bulldogs I got were found online and will not look too great blown up. Does anyone have a better file? Also, I'm not married to the pic of Carlson, so any good pics would be cool too. Thanks.
*Oh, and critique the banner too if you like. I appreciate constructive criticism.*

I have a t-shirt.. can take a picture at the logo, and email it to you if you want. PM me with your email, if noone else here says anything.
Yeah, I got a shirt too. Looking to see if anyone has a good high res jpeg file or something like that. The ones I have aren't bad, but would love to get a higher resolution file. Thanks, though.
Give me a day or so - Ill give you all the files that Ive got as im in charge of all our artwork at my club - check


Im off to judo at the mo. and all I ask for is your new logo in return or a couple of your new club patchs that I can stick on my super picmped up carlson gracie patch gi!!!

Ive got Jpegs for banners PDFs for business cards the bull dogs - Carlson Senior himself RIP.

your dogs are squashed! get em sized right. sorry you asked for the critique - but the rest looks good!