Anybody ever bought a fight on UFC.TV?

Just Jared

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Jan 18, 2010
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There's a couple prelims I've never seen that I'd be interested in watching, and it looks like you can use paypal to buy the majority of them on UFC.TV.

Anybody done this before? Does it just stream off the website or do you get to download the file? If it just streams, then is there a time limit until you lose access? Thanks for any info.
Most likely, but it's only $1 so I don't really care unless it's some lame 24 hour access thing.
I'be bought PPV's and fox events from there... you get either 24 or 48 hrs access to them
Weak. No wonder they don't give you any clear info next to the 'Buy It Now' button. They don't even give you free access to the fights that they aired on Facebook. Thanks for the info, guys.
I think you can also get a 6 month "library" subscription, at least you can with the PPVs, for about $30, from memory.

Not sure what the "library" includes though.
If you buy a fight + 6 month subscription to the fight library it's worth it. But I paid for the rampage vs jones card and it wouldn't stream and they ignored my requests for a refund. So it's a sketchy endeavor.
this, just torrent it :S

Like I said, I'm only interested in a few unaired prelims that are borderline impossible to find online. I'd never even consider it for televised fights.