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Any takedowns you can use with the thai clinch?

John Paul Borders

Amateur Fighter
May 9, 2008
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While wrestling at school i get in this position a lot when i get lazy and the guy clinches with me and i try to control him with this clinch. It works for off-balencing him and ive tried trips but those dont normally work unless my opponent had bad balence to begin with. Any type of throws or takedowns i can use in those sort of positions?

(Im asking this because im usually a guy who shoots in instead of clinching and im trying to get better in the clinch.)
Slide by's would work well against a Thai clinch. One arm behind the neck, then use the other forearm to slide the near arm past/infront of your face. Lemme find a vid to illustrate this...

Alas, I cannot. Slide by's, or even hitting a post up double could work. They will either break the tie allowing a secondary shot, or will let you get in on your own shot.

Also you can grab one elbow, and go for an elbow pass series shot. Grab the elbow, step back, push elbow across/in front, then shoot (single double Hi-c...just depends on which side and what you're comfortable with).
Does the other guy already have double underhooks on you?
you can perform trips and evedn maneuver in hip throws. And since Muay Thai rules really forbid use of hip throws or even trips, in a Thai clinch if you can use greco roman techniques, since their throws are all upper body techniques.
Wow...misread the original post. Snap down to a front headlock, or step back, snap and shoot. I thought you were asking if he had you in a plumb grip what to do lol
sorry for the confusion, but thanks everyone. i shall try a few of these moves on my sparring partner
If you got the full plumb, you might want to try judo's sasae tsurikomi ashi (imagine winding up for a big knee, but sweeping out the foot). Also from the plumb you can switch out to a single tie/underhook or over & under hooks which would set up nicely for hip throws.