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any of you guys do this kind of training ??


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Jan 4, 2008
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looks like it would work your core/tendon strength verywell . and stability while grappling .
I like it, i've seen it before, with things as small as tennis balls. Shamrock is pretty good at it.
I roll with a buddy of mine that is 250lbs so his stomach is similiar to that ball, interesting workouts, id be interested in trying that out
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seems like an excersise you could do if you have a big living room which i have i want t buy soem cheap puzzle mats so i can lay them down and i can do some core and bodyweight excersies and i think this is gonna be one of the things iam gonna be doing .
hmmm interesting simulation to keep "flowing" in the movenments...its a good approach imo
interesting I wonder how many times it takes to not fly off and land on your ass
Yeah, I do it. "Wax on, wax off." I arrive at the gym early and do 10 minutes before and after my BJJ class, helps me get focused.
Yeah, I do it. "Wax on, wax off." I arrive at the gym early and do 10 minutes before and after my BJJ class, helps me get focused.

must get your body going for ground work twisting and stuff right ?? looks fun to me and the physiotherapists i work with told me its prob one of the best tendon strengthening/blanance excersies they have seen .
this is pretty cool. I might try it,

iam gonna try it , looks like a good way to practise my gurad pass ( you know the one i tryed at the tournament ) it was working for me at the club against guys like ben and i flipped over jimmy one night when he was there , haha screw working for it just flip over the guy haha .
little update on this i got a stability ball and started doing it and after 20 mins i was drenched !! works your whole body its great !!

i cant do anythingf or another month because of my shoulder but i can do this and it simulates newaza and works your core my mid section is sore from doing it its great ! blown away by this !
This combined with some jump roping would make a great warm up.


def i did 30 mins of eleptical and resistance training before it and i was sweating but holy crap i got right into it and started to pretend i was grappling pulling off cartwheels and stuff its def something iam gonna keep doing !