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Any more news on Super Judah???

He's been over at Floyd's place I believe. Sparring with this guy:

Said Ouali.

Which means he's getting GOOD work. Said's a beast. Some of you may best remember him from the fight where he was handily out-boxing the up-and-coming Kermit Cintron until Cintron managed to bust Said's right ear drum.

Once upon a time Mike said I'd be working with Said (both Southpaws), the next day I heard about him knocking out a sparring partner. We have a good rapport as he had to borrow my shoes once, and when I asked him about it he just grinned and said "hey, he ran into the left-hand, what can I say?"

Funny sidenote, the kid who he beat up (who tried to wail on Said, that's why he got checked), said to his trainer the following day "my feet hurt." His trainer shot back "how can your feet be hurt? You wasn't on them."
lol. good to hear he's getting good preparation for Moseley. I'll be rooting for him for sure. I'd love to see him get back on track with a big win
I don't care what all the haters say and all of the negative commentary he gets from the

boxing afficionados, but Judah is one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport and the

longer he stays active the better it is for the fans.
Elite level boxer with one punch KO power, blinding handspeed, full portfolio of streetfights he won, plus he was in the Lean Back video of Fat Joe. I'm a big fan.
Let's not get carried away. Zab's always going to be entertaining because of the nature of his abilities, but if he doesn't get past Shane (which he's a clear underdog in the fight), he's not going to be considered among the Elite of the division any longer.
Elite level of physical skill

mind of a a b level fighter. dude is disappointing.

that said, i think he can still rebound his career and i hope he does so. i pray that he wins a 12 rd hard fought but clear dec. that should boost his career and mindset on the right track

if he ko's shane in 4, he'll never grow up. and if he loses, its back to FNF
He's been sparring the right people elbow. As you saw over on BK (and if you saw the other thread here), he started with Wes Ferguson at Top Rank. Wes is a good Boxer and stood his ground most of the rounds the way Shane would. Said might be a Southpaw, but he's incredibly sharp and also likes to stand his ground.

The training will be there for the fight. And for sake of having a good fight I hope "Super" shows up.