Any ideas for losing weight?

Joey Bananaz

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Aug 31, 2007
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Hey, i don't know if im in the right forum, but im just curious if anyone knows what diet would be best for me. I have an amateur boxing match in a month and hoping to be at 164 for it. Im currently 170 and im 6 feet tall. Im not a fatass if anyone is wondering, but id just like to get rid of some excess fat seeing as i think thats the only reason im up 5 pounds from my usual walking weight which was 165. If anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it. Also keep in mind that I would have to weigh in at 164 and fight the same day. Thanks
also i thought i might as well add my regular meal plan currently:

breakfast : one banana and a glass of water

lunch : bottle of water and a tuna sandwhich

snack : dry cereal, apple

supper : 2 bowls of rice with chicken or something of the sort alone with a salad

snack : apple

thats usually an average day

if anyone can modify this...great....or u could modify it for failure :)
Good thing this is a joke, or else I would just say to read the FAQ.

Well done, sir.