Any buy from Century?

Why not? I was told they were the leading supplier but I haven't bought anything from there yet.
You'll likely wait forever for your order and have to spam the shit out of their customer service to get a reply other than "your order is currently being processed". If you want to get Century stuff, get it from another retailer. I never get my Fairtex stuff from Fairtex simply because I know it can be hell waiting on them.
MadnessOU said:
Why not? I was told they were the leading supplier but I haven't bought anything from there yet.

Just because they sell the most doesn't mean they are the best. It is poor quality crap for karate class. Go with a quality brand.
For the price of a Century you can buy a HCK or an Adidas gi. I have them in stock and you can have it in 3 days.

I do have a old Century JJ gi (bought in 94 or so) that really is just a Judo gi. It's comfy and it held up for a few years until I started using more purpose build gis.
While we're talking about Century, how do people rate their Wavemaster bags? I am looking to get a Wavemaster II bag from for
Chad Hamilton said:

Short and to the point. I would have to agree. But I still have to say that the Century JJ/Judo gi is comfy but way to long and the collar is to easy to get choked with.

By a HCK, Adidas or even a RedDog
I have a pair of there bag gloves and I have not complaints at all. I would probably try a pair of the sherdogs if they were offered when I bought mine, but the century's are keeping up nice.
I have a century heavy bag and focus mitts, and they take a beating and hold up just fine
century is crap i bought a streching machine from them and it broke like 2 weeks later it broke and i called them a they said the new parts were in the mail and i called back a month later and told them and they were like ok we will send some out and i had them put it in a note to call me when it ships or when it doesnt ship and yhey said ok and i heard no word from them then i called budo videos the place i ordered it from and have been buying dvds for years and they said it would be taken care of and 3 days later i had a new one on my doorstep and the next day they picked up the old one but my advice is dont buy from century im lucky i got my product from there biggest distributor or i would probally still be getting the run around.......
I had a Japanese exchange student stay with me that wanted to learn a few things, so he would sparr with me. He bought a pair of century MMA gloves and the stitching on them was evil! The side of the glove was like a razor blade lol.
Stick with a quality product that is going to take a beating. In all my years, I have never seen a MT gym carry any kind of Century product. I am guessing that is for a reason.
Century is alright. I have been using thier gear for time to time for years.
I bought Mark Kerr's takedown vids from century and they dont the couture and frank shamrock stuff worked tho