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Discussion in 'Diet Logs' started by Posh, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Posh Guest

    Hi everyone. I'll give a bit of back ground 1st.
    I used to weigh 11 stone back when I was 16, training hard at judo, swimming and squash, unfortunately I then got glandular fever and dropped to 9 stone and had to stop training for a few years, then got out of it completely went to uni, and had a liquid diet for 4 years.

    Started my martial arts training again at 23 and now find my self at 25, I'm much healthier now, even the drinking is down, only issues I tend to get are chest infections. I'm now 5ft 10 and weighing 65/66kg (when fighting). I want to push to the top of the next weight category 73kg and then onto 80kg in my judo, (fed up of being the lightest at my club by a minimum of 10kg, and being skinny). My body fat is around 12% to 15%, and don't really want this to increase, But I naturally struggle to put on weight.

    My typical weeks training, (work, fatigue, health or competition depending)

    Monday: weights 1 hour
    Tuesday: muay Thai 1 hour (but cut this out a lot)
    Wednesday: weights 1 hour, judo 1 hour
    Thursday: judo (ground session) 1.5 hours
    Friday: weights 1 hour, swimming 45 mins/judo 1 hour
    Saturday: judo 2 hours
    Sunday: rest/walk/competition

    (gym sessions are at 7am, all others are in the evening).

    The problem I find is that it's difficult to know how many calories I burn in these sessions.

    I take a protein shake in the morning, and after training, with a current diet roughly consisting of:

    Breakfast 6.30am = porridge, banana, 2xtoast with peanut butter, protein shake,
    8.30= bacon & egg cheese muffin, banana
    10.30 = chicken breast
    12.30= bowl of pasta, chicken breast
    3 = chicken Breast
    6= what ever is for tea.. Normally involves carrots, runner beans, 4 potatoes and some meet or fish (lamb,salmon,cod, chicken,beef.. Ie. shepards pie, chicken pie, spag Bol. Etc.)
    9.45 = post workout protein shake

    And I drink a lot of water throughout!
    I'm guessing I'm not eating enough... But it feels like a lot! I also have a 9 till 5 desk job, and take a 20 min walk at lunch at a reasonable pace).

    Any ideas? And yes I know my calory input needs to be more than my usage, but have no idea how much I burn.
    I'd like to be 73kg+ by May (keeping fat % low), possible?

    Regards, Josh.
  2. yipmanprodigy** Green Belt

    Aug 10, 2012
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    There are tons of resources out there. Sites like,, t-nation, and a variety of other ones. Its all about your calories in and out; macro and micro nutrients. There are a few good threads and logs on this sub forum. Check them out. Stick to it bro. What are your specific goals for yourself?
  3. FearTheBeard**l Banned Banned

    Jan 9, 2013
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    Cultivating Facial Follicles
    You could google this info.
  4. Posh Guest

    Specific goals this year are to get my 1st dan by September, really step up my level of competing this year. Move up to the top of the 73kg weight catagory, build up strength/explosiveness (particularly in my legs) and get a gold in the (eastern) regionals next December.
  5. yipmanprodigy** Green Belt

    Aug 10, 2012
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    Good luck brah!

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