Another Satisfied Nogi Nuthugger: Blade Rashguard Review


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Dec 6, 2005
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I just got my Rashguard in today from Nogi. it's the blade, which is outstandingly stylish, i got compliments on it the minute I pulled my sweatshirt off.

What else is there to say but that it's everything you want in a rashguard?

I've had 3 or 4 rashguards before now and I've had the same problem with EVERY SINGLE ONE. the matting at our dojo is a tad loose from the wooden framing tightening up a bit. Every time i roll, the back seam of my rashguard would slip between a particular spot on the mat at least once or twice a session. It's a really really really minor gripe I know, but just for shits and giggles I wanted to give the nogi guard a shot, so I stayed in that spot all night, didn't get caught once.

Furthermore, it's a little thicker than rashguards I've had previously, but the quality is outstanding, and it breathes INCREDIBLY well, I was VERY impressed. Also, one rashguard I had in particular didn't guard rashes as well as I had wanted it to, every time I'd get a shoulder posted hard to the mat I could still feel some scraping if I slipped or slid. Again, not an issue with Nogi.

So to sum things up, Great fit, Great quality, retardedly good price. (my brother bought it for me onsale for like 22 bucks straight from Nogi, but I'll definitely give some love when ordering future Nogi products which I will be doing, or anything else I can get from them).

Thanks for making the good stuff Nogi. I'm so happy with this rashguard that I'm pretty sure I'm going to order the green and white blade longsleeve sometime soon.
Excellent man. Maybe we should join this thread with the others. Wouldn't want anyone praising our company on here in public
The Real Chris Brennan said:
Adino can you put us on that list please?

Chris I all I am waiting for is to order a pair of shorts from you and experience your famed customer service first hand, I only have companies that I have delt with directly. Although I am confident in what your product and customer service will be I'm still going to waite to see it first hand. And that will be sooner than later with christmas comming up and ill have alittle $$$ to finally get some shorts :D
I have the white blade rashguard,and I love rolling in it.It is awesome quality.I like it way better than my underarmor.Nogi=the shit!
I have several rashguards and the NO-GI is my favorite. It is made like a surfing rashguard; flat-lock stitching, better material, and design. They are cheaper in price than most other brands but better quality. With the sale you have no excuse not to order. They also threw in some MMA fighter cards.
Keep up the good work
Yeah thanks Fozz. now tell everyone what it said
what did it say? Why were the threads split?
what did it say? Why were the threads split?

If you read the Sherdog user rules and FAQ, posting PM content is (and has been for a very long time) a bannable offense. Of course in this situation, some people would like you to believe it is an "invented" rule for the purpose of promoting Sprawl World Domination, and if you'd like to believe that go right ahead. But the bottom line is if a poster cannot abide by the rules, then they simply will not be allowed to play, period.
I didn't post his PM dick.. Can I say that? If not jsut deleteit like you guys keep doing everything else. Shows that someone is fearing our company and it is making me laugh my ass off behind my screen.
Oh wow Chris got Banned. I hope only for a day or two :p