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Another gem from Bryce Mitchell

I went to Public school and I’m not gay. But I’m a communist who enjoys the church of satans antics.

He might have a pointz

I went to a normal high school and I'm a racist, sexist, sadistic pyschopath.

But many of my classmates weren't as lucky as me. :)
Did he name his baby after Tucker Carlson?

Also he’s speaking straight facts. No one wants a satanic communist gayby that’s immune to diseases.
Bryce is not the sharpest tool in the shed that's for sure... that said his heart seems to be in the right place, and at least he recognizes that commies and LGBT peddlers are bad and should be kept away from his children.

Bryce is right. Just look at the first two pages of disgusting filth displayed in this thread.
Found the Bryce Mitchell/Trump/Bleach-drinking fanbase.
Satan is your daddy
He is. And Jesus is my mommy.


I get the best of both worlds!