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Anonymous- Message To The Westboro Baptist Church


Frank Mir on Headphones not given an f
Aug 5, 2010
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Well I'm for it.
Publicity whores who make empty threats vs publicity whores who make empty threats
Btw is that the best computer voice they can come up with? Could barely understand it. Are they on dial up?
Those crazy westboro asshole will probably view this as the best thing to happen to them in a while.
Well, that was something. Sometimes, honestly, I feel like we need a group like this, someone to stand up against the likes of WBC. We'll see how it turns out.
Stephen Hawking sounds cranky. I'm not exactly sure what they're even threatening here but they're late to the party anyway.
I hope Anonymous is not just puffing their chest and actually does seriously fuck with these sick bastards in WBC.

I wish I knew anything about computers and hacking. I would help these guys out in a heartbeat.
Last time I saw a serious thread about Westboro on /b/ the consensus was choosing to side with them for the lulz.
Ever since watching 'We are legion' I've been an Anon supporter! Interested to see how this all pans out.
what is anonymous? that group of amateur moral crusaders that got sent running tail between legs by a mexican drug cartel?
Anon ''destroying'' WBC would be hilarious.