Anntion Fighter's wife


Dec 19, 2001
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Tell Art we miss him in Anti and He has to show up after his fight.

Place ins't the same since the big goof has been gone but tell him all is well becuase I control the boards still.

Anyways Good luck to ya both.
Hey , I will tell him. He works his butt off for our family. He is such a great guy. You already knew that though. On the only day he has off it is Sunday so he sleeps. But, He is training and working so it keeps him busy. I will visit on and tell him stuff. Also I will click it on for him here and there when he grants me with the pleaser.
Cool. I am glad things are going good in the training department.

He should know I think about his fight everydamn day and really am pulling for him.

Is the fight for-sure. KOTC seems to be a little shaky in that department. I just want him to fight. Well and win too. Is it for the belt or is that out of the picture now?

Thanks for the reply.
He is on the card Oct. 19th. I have the flyer. His name is there. He is fighting that is a done deal. With fighting, stuff always happens as far as who you are fighting and that kind of thing.
Anytime you want to know post something to me. I will check it and clue you in.
Conrad Art misses you all too. I always tell him what is said and he laughs.
Originally posted by fighter'swife
Conrad Art misses you all too. I always tell him what is said and he laughs.

Please mention all the bad things I say about him too. Don't hold anything back.

And tell him that when he tries to take over my board again it will be all out war. No holding back.
Ok, I will make sure he is scared, yeah right!!!! You will never keep him from this board hound!!
But I was able to keep him from the board.

I never ever see him around