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Ankle Lock Breakdown - techniques and details

goo darticle i read it in grappling mag
Read it in grappling mag, I love my leglocks..

My ankle lock is probably about the one technique I haven't described/explained to anyone on the internet.. it's my baby.

You're a better man than me. LOL.
Thanks for the Article, this is one of the few leglocks we can use when sparing at our school
Very nice. Must have missed that issue of Grappling.
LOL @ "My Jiu-jitsu coach, Professor Marcus Soares, was an ankle lock aficionado when he trained in Brazil, and even earned the nickname
Stephan Kesting said:
I originally published this article in Grappling Magazine, but now it's available online at www.grapplearts.com/Ankle-Lock-Breakdown.htm

It is all about the components of the ankle lock, with some different variations to tap your opponent out quickly, efficiently and safely

Stephan Kesting

thanks stephan. i have that issue of grappling. that was a good article.
Great article. Just curious. Do you have a ranking in BJJ?
Thanks Stephan. I heard that you were a brown belt. Can you comfirm?
Damn very nice. Decided to do the variation where you you situp and turn them on their stomache if they roll to the side.. Loved it, I've done similiar moves but I have no idea why it never occured to do this setup with the achilies ankle lock.

(Also I'm pretty sure he's a brown belt, don't remember who under however.)
If you have the chance I strongly suggest you visit Kenny Mcclure's ankle lock seminars. I had the pleasure to attend one of these a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is that he really changed the way I think about straight ankle lock.

He did it pretty differently than what is described in that article. The submission was not caused by pain in the achilles tendon but more like in the ankle joint itself. There was a huge difference.
Thanks man, really detailed look at this submission. Thanks, generally a good site aswell.
thats a great summary.. you really know your stuff
i really the article when it came out it really improved my leglock form and strategy(i knew nothing before iread it), i tapped many people because of it.
I have recently begun to use just that ankle lock,and this will help me fine tune it. Thanks!

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