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Anik is PbP commentator for UFC 155


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Jun 25, 2006
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I'm watching the prelims on Facebook and Anik is doing the PbP commenting, with Rogan on color.
Anik is so quiet today, I bet UFC jitters. There are many awkward moments of silence, then suddenly Rogan comes to the rescue.
Just doesnt seem like theres much chemestry between them. Hopefully itll get better as they get a few more fights in together
Yea anik is truly awful. But this is old news people have been talking all day about how Goldberg isn't gonna be there tonight
Anik might be nervous working with a veteran like Rogan.
Goldie is a colorful animated PbP character as a commentator. Anik is pretty dry, but each person is different, depending on what type you like. I like colorful personalities as long as they aren't over-the-top or distracting from the event. Shivello can be very funny but often he is too distracting or irritating.
He's awful, every time you hear his voice you think "budget UFC fight".