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Anik / Florian don't have good chemistry

King Crab

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Aug 28, 2009
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I thought I was watching a golf tournament instead of an actual mma card. I find both of these announcers very dry and seriously lacking any real invested interest in how the fights turn out. While Florian is knowledgeable his lack of passion along with Aniks monotone play by play is driving me nuts.

This just points out how crucial it is to have explosive commentators who have a passion for mma, and take apart every fight to convey it to the spectators in as lively a fashion as possible.

Sigh, I want my Goldie back...stutters and all..
Nobody can have chemistry with Anik, not even Rogan. And if you listen to Rogan's podcast, you'll know he can have chemistry with anybody but when he was commentating with Anik, it was almost as dry as Florian/Anik.
The problem is that their personalities are too similar. Maybe make it a 3 man team and throw in a fighter like, Chael or Mir.
Neither of them are any good, Anik is trying to be Joe Rogan too hard.
They both are just blank personalities reading a teleprompter to a camera. Lifeless, soulless robots.
they are both pretty flat... technical but not emotional
This has been sad many times already. Anik is just the worst (except for Kenny Rice). He barely even talks. How many finishes have to go by where he doesn't even say a word before everyone just agrees that he sucks?
I wish they would get rid of Anik...

And call me crazy but I would love to hear Rogan & Mauro
I like them to be honest. I don't need commentators screaming like crazy.

I guess I'm the only one who espeially likes Anik :D
I feel that way too. While GG was landing big right hands and slapped on the guillotine they reacted as if nothing was happening. The point of announcers is if you can't see the fight with your eyes you still understand what's going on.
Yeah, although I don't dislike either of them.

I do perfer Goldie and Joe.
Anik-Florian is a prescribed treatment for insomnia.

Anik-Rogan however is pretty good.
Yeah I have found myself nodding during tonights events. Anik puts me right to sleep.
id like to see bas and joe tbh, it certainly wouldnt be any worse than anik/florian