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Andy Lee is a JOKE!!!!!!!!

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Jul 6, 2007
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wow, one of the most overrated, overhyped frauds i've seen in a while. and did Emanuel Steward says this guy would beat Kelly Pavlik?!?!?!?!?! Steward is a fraud himself. LMAO at all of that Andy Lee hype. this guy is a complete joke. didn't we hear "one of the all time greats" about Andy Lee?????

after seeing Brian Vera wipe the floor with the Andy "the overrated clover" Lee, here's what i think:

1) Andy Lee would not go past the 1st round against Kelly Pavlik. Pavlik would knock him out of the ring with one straight right hand.

2) Emanuel Steward needs to shut his mouth. another fighter he hypes up...another beat down his fighter gets.
Not sure about a joke, but Vera definitely exposed some flaws.......
I don't think he's a joke but yeah, this kills a lot Lee's credibility and Steward is a Douche but this is good entertainment and good for boxing so it's not such bad deal.
That was a bullshit fight. How the hell could the ref stop it like that.
That was a bullshit fight. How the hell could the ref stop it like that.

how could the ref say that Vera was "knocked down" early in the fight? the replay clearly showed that he slipped.

to answer your question:

1. Lee was wobbling
2. Lee was eating every hard punch that Vera threw
3. Lee's head snapped back after every one of those punches
4. Lee was throwing wild shots with no steam behind them
5. Lee clearly didn't know what was going on..wasn't even looking straight
6. Lee was cut and hurt bad
That was a bullshit fight. How the hell could the ref stop it like that.

The stoppage may have been a bit premature, but you can't dent Lee was hurt bad. Did you lose some money perhaps?
This was the first time I see him fight a full fight (Besides ko highlights) I noticed really quicky he dosen't move his head much and gets hit clean way to much.

Guess its back to the drawing board.
Okay. This does not fly. There are still rules around here.
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