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Andre Galvao seminar....


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Aug 10, 2007
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Was amazing. So much info that I was on overload. His strength and movement were incredible. On top of everything..he was a genuine nice guy. Helped everyone in the room that was having trouble..made jokes and didnt take himself to serious. He was apologized for not being able to stay and roll with everyone, but he had a flight. He said he would come back and do a 3 day training camp for us soon.
He has a jiu jitsu book coming out in the near future and is going to start focusing on MMA now. Best 3 hours I have spent in a long time....


wow! i'm really jealous. that looks like a great picture with him! he looks like such a cool guy
Andre is holding a seminar at my school later this month too. I wasn't planning on going since I just dropped $100 to go to a GSP seminar tomorrow afternoon. After hearing the good stuff I think i'll go afterall.
seminars are always great for learning new perspectives on techniques, I hope you took notes.
any notes to share?

The things I really picked up were a couple sweeps. One thing that I could give details about is when coming in on a guy thats sitting down. He said if you are up and the guy is sitting to come in like an air plane. Come in high...go low. He showed it by holding the opponents bottom leg and controlling the hip with the other hand. Seems simple, but its really effective. You can see how he does it at about 1:05 in that domination video from the mundials. I was working with a guy that was pretty strong, and resisting and I passed by his guard easily. Ill have to try it in class this week. Sorry if thats short...its hard to explain things that you just learned over a forum..
seminars are always great for learning new perspectives on techniques, I hope you took notes.

My instructor took tons of notes while we were there. He was working with another guy who was taking notes also. I had a hard enough time just getting the technique :)