Anderson Denies Signing a Ten Fight Deal on Fuel


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May 26, 2007
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Did anyone else see that interview? He says he has not signed anything yet and says he still needs to meet with Dana. I thought this was a done deal?
Dana also said the AS v GSP and AS v JBJ fights are happening. Should tell ya something...
the reporter said "10 year deal"
Anderson trolls us on a regular basis, so it rally is hard to know. I think a 10 fight deal would be very dumb, but it's his ass on the line.
dana claims they offered an 8 fight deal, and it was anderson who wanted the 10
you would be dumb to believe that

anderson likes to always troll instead of giving a proper answer
He said it was a secret and joked around. As mentioned the reporter said "10 year" with was not the reported offer/contract.
That confused me as well. Between taking Dana's promises with a grain of salt and not taking what Anderson says seriously, I'm not sure what to think.
Thaught it was a 10 fight contract. Anderson likes to troll so of course he said no he didnt sign it because she said 10 years.
LOL. They need to hire Karyn Bryant to raise the level of professional journalism.