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an eyepoke, a headbutt, and a broken hand just beat Boetsch


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Jul 14, 2011
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not really a fan of tim but he would win the rematch. This was major BS
no sure he would win, but truth is he was really unlucky tonight
Shit happens. Tim is a warrior though. Props to Costa.
Those were all accidents and shit happens in a fight so props for Costa. But we all know Tim is the better fighter.
Alot of things that shouldn't have gone against Tim did. Costa gets the win but I would like to see a rematch at some point.
The first round was Tim. After that, he was clearly a different fighter. Tim has NEVER pulled guard. Why would he if he didn't have to? It wasn't like he was that outmatched standing. He was holding his own from open stand up in the 1st. He got very unlucky. Not 100% sure he would win a rematch but I think it would be 50/50.
Dood thats life...you have to deal with what you get in the ufc. Shit happens and maybe sometimes there is no way around shitty cards that you are dealt. He won't be cut from the ufc so he can only move forward heal and fight another day.
Didnt Faber fight Brown with 2 broken hands?
any1 see how he broke his hand? i couldnt tell when it happened, but it sounded like his corner knew right away after the first round. made it seem like his hand was already injured before the fight.
Didnt Faber fight Brown with 2 broken hands?

ya i love faber but Brown was a bad match for him. Difference in this fight is that Tim was clearly winning until the injuries.
also dont 4get the fact that boetsch was insanely overrated...
For me the fight was ruined by the eye-poke and the head-butt... both of them ended up severely affecting Boetsch's game plan...

I think with just a broken hand he would have had a chance to grind out a decision win.