Economy An ECONOMIC DEPRESSION does not automatically lead to an increased mortality rate

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by Rum, Mar 24, 2020.

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    He's not wrong you know. While you are the one it seems unable to have a coherent counter argumwnt without crying about totally irrlevent weh weh wacism.
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    If we knew for certain that immunity could be had this way and you could no longer spread it afterwards I'd be in. As is, reports are mixed and different strains could mutate making this strategy useless. The unknown is the enemy as usual.
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    This is true for now. If we are talking longer than 3 months then you you will see a change in the situation.

    A 2 month hiatus, coupled with a more nationalistic approach to some industry that we should have never shipped away could actually spur an American renaissance.. But if the dominoes start falling after a few months, which they will, then it will be more ugly than you are imagining right now.
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    Okay well a depression would still suck ass.

    I've been thinking about what the line should be, how much of the economy would we destroy to save small portion of the population. So I decided to do a bit of research into what happens if we do nothing, and it has led me to the conclusion that we need this thing supressed long enough for a vaccine.

    Forget about the boomers. If we let this spread to hundreds of millions or even billions of bodies it will mutate into countless different strains, it will worm its way into animal populations around the world and we will NEVER be rid of it. Just like influenza. Except this is so much worse because of how transmissible it is. Every coronavirus season will be a nightmare, with only partially effective vaccines to protect us, some years maybe not at all... We could very well end up going back into some form shut down again and again.

    A full blown prolonged pandemic is also terrible for the economy because when it gets really bad people won't be going to work when they are ill or scared. They won't be flying or going to movie theaters or sporting events or any of that shit, not because government won't let them but because they don't want to get sick. Buisnesses won't want to open themselves up to litigation. There will be many unforseen problems.

    Rock and a hard place. Not a really a good solution to be had tbh. We are pretty much fucked lol but maybe supression and vaccine is our best move.
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    Here is something I foresee in my neighborhood if a depression happens. I live in the bay, tons of first world luxury jobs here; big business, small business, techies, college kids, high end restaurants and luxury housing all of this making a completely useless over privileged workforce then can only succeed with a healthy economy. Many of these people have jobs that contribute to nothing but luxury and have no practical skills and even if some of them can well fuck they are overqualified now and still will have problems finding jobs.

    these people will have no value in a production class workforce, nor will the people living in these bubbles be able to deal with the social ramifications of being poor.

    people are fucked and I know those some losers here that think it would be some great equalizer but nope If you are a loser that is already poor you are now even more fucked and people will hate you more.
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    GPS Error
    "More layers"? You mean the people who are saying COVID-19 is only killing really old people who are probably just two or three years away from death anyway and so should be willing to take one for the greater economic good?

    That is the entire gist of the argument I am seeing in right-wing media.
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    This I don't understand. It is a very delicate and complex conversation to have. Pretending like there is 1 concrete soloution that you can spew of in a few hundred words online is ridiculous .
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    How does an economic crash lead to millions of deaths exactly?

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