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Amar's Log of Fail


Feelin' Froggy? Leap
Sep 29, 2005
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Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 157 lbs

Known Maxes:

Bench: 225 lb's (Summer of '07)
Deadlift: 405 lb's (Summer of '07)
Squat: 285 lb's (4/27/08)

First workout of the Log


280 lb 5x5 Squats

Chinups 6x6 (missed last 2 reps on last set)with 72.5 lbs attached. 3 min rests between sets.

Overhead Press 5x5 150 lbs (missed last rep on last set)

Dips 3x5 70 lbs (missed last rep on last set)

Curls 5x5 95 lbs.

Not too bad of a workout, I was just aiming to replicate the numbers I had on these exercises before I got sick but I fell short a little.

5x5 Chinups with 75 lbs. Last 2 reps of last set kind of sucked.

3x8 Close Grip Bench with 185 lbs. Only got 7 reps on last set.

6x6 Curlz with 90 lbs

Skull crushers 3x10 with 100 lbs

Before I am condemned by you anti isolation nazi's, this is my rep day in my West Side for Skinny Bastards-esque routine

25 Chinups

40 pushups

15 Pullups

40 Pushups

15 Chinups

40 Pushups

13 Pullups

14 Chinups

40 Pushups

8 Pullups

40 Pushups

10 Chinups

Total: 200 Pushups and 100 Pullup/Chins in 45 mins

4x5 285 lb squats

5x12 Shrugs with 275 lbs

And too much of a pussy to deadlift even though I told myself I would
had some workouts inbetween last log update but can't remember them off the top of my head, might edit them in later have them written down in my notebook


Chinups - 5x6 w/ 72.5 lbs

Overhead Press - 4x5 w/ 155 lbs (-1 rep on the last set)

Dips 5x5 w/ 70 lbs (-1 rep on last set)

Curls 5x5 95 lbs (-1 rep on last set)