Am I burning enough calories when doing cardio?

Mike O'Neil

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Apr 6, 2005
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I burn on average about 350calories a day while doing my cardio. Is this enough? This is also combined with about an hr of weight training and a 10hr a day manual labor job. Any help is appreciated
Well it depends on what you want to do. And How you are burning them. Are you trying to burn fat or work on cardio? There is a difference, You have to be carefull if you are lifting and make sure you are not counter productive with doing your cardio.
Right now my main goal is to get into shape, lose about 40 pounds and get a lil cut up cause the muscle is already there. I have been using the eliptical for 25min a day"cant run on the tred mill cuase of 2 broken ankles in the past". I usally stay at about 8mph and it works out to be about 2.5miles after im done. My heart rate stays at about 170 and i usally burn about 325calories. Im doing my cardio after my weight lifting. All of this is combined with a really good diet. So how does the cardio sound? Oh i usally walk atleast 1.5miles a day while at work also. Again thanks for any help
If you are keeping your heart rate that high and you are wanting to burn fat and kleep the muscle then you need to keep your heart rate at about 130 or so depending on your age. The type of cardio you are doing works on your Cardio vascular system and not the burning fat, which is what you want to do. I burn about 750 calories in an hour work out and I do not let my heart rate get above 135.
What you're saying is in order to maintain muscle, keep your heart rate below 135 during cardio? That's almost like a very slow jog.