Alternative Neck Exercise?


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Nov 1, 2004
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That routine that bas does in his workout hurts my hair and my neck real quick. Is there anything I can do with weights or any other way to strengthen the neck without having to do those bridges?
Before you go off and abandon bridges, put a towel down on the floor underneath your head. It should help alot.
and use your hands to support you when youre starting out
Yea, it feels like it's ripping it off. Dude...
I'm like Johnny Bravo w. my hair. HUA!!!
place a towel over you forehead and put as much weight as you think you can handle on your forehead while holding your head over the end of the bench. lift the plate from full head extension till your chin touches your chest. try 3 sets of 8-12. a head harness is great for working the back of your neck. do this excersise responsibly and know your limits.
Get a neck strap(a leather harness that fight son your head like a helmet) then strap your weights to it and go to town or find a neck machine at your gym.
put ur hands against your head, now push with ur neck foreward and resist with ur arms,, do this in all directions,, i dunno if it works but i read it in a magazine once
Anything that dosn't require a machine, or a bench?
johnnydussimo said:
and use your hands to support you when youre starting out

This is good advice. Use a thicker padded surface for your hair problem, or stop being such a pussy.
I recommend to get hair clippers, I forsee it really helping your neck strength.