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Apr 8, 2002
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I don't give a rats ass if you are secretly willing Karebear to die of spontaneous combustion, hell i'd probably laugh if that was to come about but its getting old. Make one thread and leave it at that, stop spamming up the board with threads about someone that a large percentage of us could not give a flying fuck about.

One thread of condensed hatred for one member, good. Lots of threads made by pissants about a pissant, bad.
any negative karebear threads will be met with 2 positive karebear threads...your tyrannical modding doesnt phase me.
I bet he is the one who deleted all those threads!
It's FAZE, it's FAZE, OH MY GOD!!!
You bet your ass i deleted all those threads. Punk can we not come to a compromise on this? How about 1 thread about karebear and you post twice for every negative thing said about her...or something, my delete finger is all deletioned out.
lol wow

mma forum is clogged with "why tito will kick chuck's ass"
why not this forum as well?
Tito and Chuck are important on a mma forum, Karebear isn't. I don't hate her with a passion, i don't want to nuzzle my weary head against her ample bosom, i just want everyone to shut the fuck up about her.
goddamnitt j, your obvious (yet subtle) love of karebear is sickening.
Spunkmother is all about spam. Ban the gay John Mayer loving fucker.
this is the first thread that J-Garden has started in like four months, so you fuckers better believe he means business.
Originally posted by kage-maru
Spunkmother is all about spam. Ban the gay John Mayer loving fucker.

i think you'll be hitting the exit before me.
remember back before J-Garden became a mod and he would actually post about things that didn't involve his mod duties? ah.. the good 'ol days.
now hes just meat fists dick puppet...too bad...

the kid had potential.
Originally posted by punkmother
i think you'll be hitting the exit before me.

Naaaw Spunky, the only hitting ill be doin, is the pounding i give when i tap your mother's ass.
"meat fists dick puppet"?? come on now, the guy's just trying to do a good job for his boss... I know he doesn't want to let meat down.