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Already have Greens+, should I return GNC Mega Men Sport for a diff one?


Pepe Silvia
Apr 17, 2006
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Bought Greens+ and GNC Mega Men Sport, didn't know all the hype of KK saying the Sport multi is a scam until just now. Should I return the multi to get the regular Mega Men or the Ultra Mega Green even though I have the Greens+
Also, I got it on a discount anyway so take money out of the equation. From what I've read, it just seems like the Mega Men has a small irrelevant amount of anti-oxidants and the Sport just replaces that with a small irrelevant amount of BCAA's, is that true?
No one else has any opinions? I'm assuming I'll be fine because I'm only missing out on a few antioxidants in the regular Mega Men but I'm getting plenty from Greens+ and other sources so....
KK would be the one to ask I think. I generally stay away from GNC.
(OK, that's understating it mildly, I avoid GNC like the plague.)
So do I normally, I just figured if Ultra Mega Green was a solid multi, I'd be doing one better to go for the Mega Men Sport and combine it with Greens+
It's not like the sport is useless but I believe that KK is right. Rather you take it back or not I'd get the regular or the mega green next time. If you don't mind the extra cost I'd shoot for the mega green, regardless of taking greens+ or not. Still, if you've got a solid diet with plenty of veggies and fruits, it probably won't have much impact either way.
If you have mega men's sport and got it on discount, I would just use it. The best multi they have is ultra mega greens, though. It is also perfectly acceptable to take ultra mega greens and greens+ at the same time. (I do)

Mega Men Sport isn't THAT bad. The problem is that it just isn't the best. If you can choose between the 3, and one is slightly better while the other is dramatically better, why would you choose the worst option? Obviously if the worst option is cheaper, it has more appeal.

The main difference between mega men and mega men sport is that the antioxidant blend from mega men is gone, and replaced with an amino acid blend (amino acid blends in multis are basically useless, 5g of whey has way more amino acids)