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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by cooks1, Aug 15, 2010.

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    OK. I am starting to get close to my goals.

    I started off at close to 290 around a year and a half ago. I am now strutting around at a pretty decent looking 5'11 215 lbs. Probably around 20% BF.

    I plan to keep doing what I am doing until I get to around 200 or so. Which is.

    5 mile run 4x per week
    MMA training 2 hrs twice a week, which consists of a little P90X type strength training. 1 rest day.

    I have done fairly minimal strength training over the time other than push-ups and the occasional curls, simply because I knew I was in a calorie deficit situation and building muscle would be problematic.

    Now that i am closer to my weight goal, I would like to implement some strength training into my regimen. Not necessarily looking to get much bigger, maybe a little, jsut to get some definition and muscular development going.

    Should I just drop the last 15 the go into a proper lifting and strength program, or is there something better I could be doing now.
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    You can certainly start strength training while in a caloric deficit. There is a skill element to a lot of the basic lifts, and you can work that skill and see strength improvement even when there is no muscular gain.

    The near universal recommendation here would be to do Starting Strength, and to do it exactly as written. It's well known, and it works.

    When you've hit your body fat goal, then you can shift your focus to muscular gains based on caloric surpluses.
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    Call Shane Carwin, he will give you some nice tips about growing big muscles, you will see its very easy and quick.
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    Banging my head against the wall
    Stay in the heavys moron.

    edit: I thought the first response was pretty on point.

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