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Mar 27, 2008
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My buddy recently got some XXL Under Armour shirts for free somehow, I never really cared to ask, I think they were left at his house, but that's beside the point. Since he doesn't fit in XXL (I don't either, it's just barely loose on me) he gave me a shirt. He gave it to me in the early morning around 7 am before school started. I didn't want to carry it around so I put it on. After first period my eye was watery constantly, and my nose was slightly runny. This kept all day, until I finally realized that I could be allergic to the shirt. So I took it off, and it didn't go away. The next day I realized I had conjunctivitis. Pink eye. I looked it up on wikipedia and its possible to get it from irritants like that.

So my question is...
What materials in Under Armour can cause an allergic reaction?
I've never had anything like this happen before.
Could it be what it was washed in? He had said he washed it before he gave it to me.
Any ideas?
you get pink eye from poo particles too...
lol no man I have no idea what could have caused that, maybe find the product on their site and that might help.
you might be jumping the gun by assuming it was the UA that gave you pinkeye, it could be a coincidence...
or the shirt may have been in contact with something you're allergic to, I know that I have issues with certain types of detergent.

Try washing it once or twice, then trying it on again
I wasn't automatically assuming it was the material, I was just looking at all options.
Try washing it. If it wasn't new it could have been washed in a detergent that you're allergic to.

Edit: Just saw that you said your friend washed it. Try washing it yourself in whatever you normally use. If it's white and he used bleach, this could also be the cause. I used too much bleach on a tshirt that was pretty dingy and not only did I end up harming the fabric, but when I wore it to the gym and started to sweat, it badly irritated my skin.
I am guess it is not the material. I've never heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to Under Armour, or any other lycra products. Like others have said, wash it in whatever you usually wash it in and try it again.
As stated earlier, pink eye is caused by poop. I would throw the shirt away if it were me. No need to become a science experiment at the price of a free poopy shirt.
Probably who ever left the shirts at your buddy's had pink eye or wiped his ass with the shirts.
I thought that person was joking when he said you get pinkeye from poop. Im gonna get that kid is a RNC tomorrow.
I never joke about poo particles. EVER.
So I told my cousin I got pinkeye, and the first thing he said was "Dude, did someone shit in your face?" so I'm gonna destroy the kid who gave me the shirt. Hes coming over to my place tomorrow with a bunch of other kids, probably gonna get shitfaced, so Ill mess with him then.

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