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Alex Cowboy: From the poor childhood to the sucess in the UFC

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Paradise Lost, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Paradise Lost White Belt

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Source: Portal do Vale-Tudo (Portuguese)

    Alex Cowboy has not even completed one year contract with the UFC and now is one of the protagonists of the event next Sunday in Pittsburgh, USA. In the main event, he faces fellow Cowboy Donald Cerrone into the category of welterweight. In the publication following, the PVT (Portal do Vale-Tudo) account some of the history of the fighter which complete 28 years on the day of the fight.

    Poor childhood

    Born and raised in the rural town of Três Rios, 135 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, and from a poor family, Alex Oliveira was always a maughty boy, however, worker. Fond of animals from an early age, he deceived their parents saying he was going to school while missing the school to care for animals, which earned him his first job. To feed them and bathe them, the young man received 5 reais (brazilian money) per fortnight. With the passage of time and the good work, he went on to win two reais per day. However, he did not pass the third grade of primary school.

    Broken dreams

    Before discovering his talent for fighting, Alex Cowboy tried to invest in two dreams: to be a footballer and a cowboy. (Supporting) Botafogo (Football team) since childhood, he had no success with the ball because of his physical strength.

    "I even tried, but it did not. I was so clumsy that I broke the leg of two companions. One of them kicked my leg and eventually leading to worse and the other received my shot and get himself injured. I chose to give up football (laughs). "

    At 15 years, the passion for riding on horses appeared. Even without propitious equipment, Alex Oliveira attended some rodeos and even mamaged to win some of them. However, due to lack of sponsorship, he had to leave his big dream.

    "I had no money to buy basic equipment, so I improvised: I wore a rope, a cowboy hat and a pair of gloves that I used to work in the barn," he recalls.

    Talent to fight almost cost him his life

    If today Alex Cowboy is famous for what he do inside the Octagon, its ease for fighting even at the time when he didn't train absolutely nothing, almost caused him to be killed. In bad companies, began using and selling drugs, and often fighting in the streets. As never led to worse, he was even threatened with death by some of his victims.

    The possibility of being killed made him reflect, as two of his brothers had been killed and his mother would suffer even more with the loss of another child.

    "I saw two of my brothers being killed and I know how much it did hurt to my mother. She was coming to an end, she began to constantly drink and it made me very sad too. That's when I decided to leave the bad company and started to work more, to dedicate myself to the family. I reflect and stopped with drugs: 'My God, I wasn't born using it.' "

    Last street fight changed his life

    A few years ago, Alex Cowboy saw his brother being beaten by numerous cowardly men in the carnival in his city. He did not think twice and fought against the attackers managing to overthrow almost everyone and thus defend his brother.

    "He was hit in the head by a stone, fell unconscious and began to be attacked. My instinct of self-protection got me mad and I fought the aggressors for fear that they kill my brother. "

    At this time, a professional fighter of his town that followed it from afar and was impressed with his ability made him an invitation to go to the gym and make money with his talent.

    "Dude, you've faced over ten guys at the same time, took punches, kicks, stones and continued going up like you're not feeling anything. You have a huge talent and can make money from it ", warned Benedict, inviting him to go to the gym.

    The uncertainty of the streets for success in the UFC

    By the time he joined the martial arts through the academy of André Tadeu, Alex Cowboy worked as a mason assistant, profession that sustained him, his three sons and his mother until his entry in the UFC in March 2015.

    But first, Cowboy was very tested either in the gym or in muay thai fights. After three knockouts in three fights, Cowboy, finally got his wish and switched to MMA, where he impressed on the national scene and managed to get himself in the biggest MMA event in the world.

    "For everything I've been through in my life, I can not complain about anything, I can only say I am very happy for everything that has been happening. I am very grateful to the UFC for believing in my work and continue to give me opportunities." thanks.

    PS: I tried my best but I'm not fluent and the translation must have some mistakes, sorry for that.
  2. M Raid K Black Belt

    Sep 15, 2014
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    I appreciate him even more now after hearing this backstory and I really wish that he succeeded given how tough his life was.
  3. ithinktheymad Red Belt

    Sep 25, 2011
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    I can relate. Rooting for him.
  4. Dead Kennedy Don't steal, the government hates competition

    Feb 26, 2008
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    Inland Empire
    Good to see someone turn their life around with shear brutal violence. He's living the dream.
  5. Arne Rud Black Belt

    Sep 21, 2004
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    Nice future
  6. Guardian MMA Purple Belt

    Oct 15, 2014
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    Anchorage, Alaska
    Seems likeable but Cerrone is one of my boys
  7. That209 Gold Belt

    Jun 20, 2012
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    Dan Quinn's house learning hands of steel
    Man, some of the Brazilian fighters had horrible lives growing up.

    Some of the things they had to do just to get by, just to eat, just to survive is really sad. Having to grow up in such a rough area, constantly having to defend yourself on the street, it's a very, very scary life.

    For some of the people living in the poor areas of Brazil, a lot of them only have a couple choices on how they live their life. They don't get many choices or opportunities like some of us who live in much nicer places and didn't grow up like they did.

    Some of them only get to choose between things like being a drug dealer, trying to become a Football (Soccer) player, an MMA fighter or working in a low paying factory where you barely get by and such. It's a tough life for them and it's pretty ridiculous how there's some people on here who will judge them, who will say negative things about them because of some of the choices they have made throughout their life even though they didn't have many choices/opportunities.

    It's nice to read about Alex Oliveira's life because of how far he has come. He seems to have had a very, very rough life as a kid/teenager and such and now he's a very talented MMA fighter who has tons of potential.

    I'm cheering for Cerrone because he's one of my favourite fighters, but I have nothing but respect for Oliveira and I won't mind it at all if he wins. I hope he has a great future in the UFC and can make some real money while he's there.

    These guys who grow up poor in Brazil, living on the streets and everyday being a fight, a fight for their lives and such, these are very, very strong people. They've been through so much shit and for them to come from absolutely NOTHING and come to the UFC, or become a very good Soccer player and making great money, it's pretty amazing to see.

    I know what it's like to grow up with very little, not being able to eat nothing and even having to do some illegal things just to get by. I'm very lucky to have never had to go through anything like Oliveira and tons of other poor Brazilians who became fighters, but I do know what it's like to not eat, to not actually have anywhere to live, to not have anybody, etc. It's a horrible feeling, every day is a fight, having to find a way to get food just to get by and find a place to sleep is not fun.

    I hope Oliveira has a bright future and I have nothing but respect for him and the other poor Brazilians who grew up to become great fighters. They are true fighters. I wish them all nothing but luck with their careers and their lives. I hate to see people grow up poor, having nothing and all that and having to fight just to survive, just to live and find their next meal.

    Good luck to you, Mr. Oliveira. Nothing but respect.
  8. Spookv Banned Banned

    Nov 11, 2015
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    It's nice to see what hard work can achieve, good on him,

    Ps: i love how brazilian fighters are the only guys that don't complain about money. Besides Aldo.

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