Aldo vs Benson or GSP vs Silva?


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Jul 23, 2008
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If Aldo beats Edgar, which of these super fights would you want to see happen more and which one is more likely to happen? IMO I'd rather see Aldo come up to challenge Benson. Aldo has said if he beats Edgar that he would go up to LW to fight for the belt and I think he could do it. I wanna see GSP vs Anderson to its just they are 1 and 2 on my fav fighters list and I think Anderson would hurt Georges unless George can take him down and hang on for dear life, and I dont wanna see that. Aldo vs Benson or any LW for that matter would be fireworks. Thoughts?
Benson and Aldo are two of my favs so i really don't want to see them fight. Bendo would control him the whole fight. Aldo vs. Nate/Pettis/Cerrone would be better.

I love Anderson and hate GSP so i would pay double the ppv price to see Anderson demolish GSP.
Well Aldo vs Benson is probably gonna happen anyway (Aldo will demolish Edgar) so i really wanna see Anderson vs GSP, people don't realize how close it COULD be.

1. Anderson vs GSP
2. Anderson vs Jones
3. Aldo vs Benson
Silva vs Jones, by far.

To quote Rogan, "it would be a travesty if they never fought".

GSP has his hands full with Diaz, Hendricks, Rory, Marquardt.
Aldo will fight Benson as soon as the fight is offered. The only think he doesn't want is to have to climb up the LW ladder.
It will be a much better fight than GSP vs Silva could ever be.
I think Aldo vs Benson is very likely to happen and I think that would be a great match up
Aldo will fight Benson as soon as the fight is offered. The only think he doesn't want is to have to climb up the LW ladder.
It will be a much better fight than GSP vs Silva could ever be.

Yes but i don't think it'll happen now unfortune :/

I think Dana will stop Aldo abit from moving up.

In LW div Benson has to beat Pettis,Melendez,Alvarez and possibly Maynard.And u never know when Chandler moves to UFC...

Aldo has to beat Edgar

I think Benson vs Pettis should be next and then Benson vs Aldo

I think Melendez shouldn't get title shot after pulling off from last SF event.

Make Maynard vs Melendez or Miller/Lauzon winner vs Melendez
GSP-Silva is closer in weight than aldo-benson

Disagree. 170/185 ...15 lbs difference

145/155...10 lbs difference

GSP fight night weight = 190
Anderson fight night weight = 205

Aldo fight night weight = 170
Bendo fight night weight = 180
aldo would put benson in his place. would love to see that
Not interested in super fights anymore.
The years of talking about it gets old.
Aldo would get taken down by Benson and controlled. Too much of a size difference.

GSP vs Silva OTOH, I really think GSP has a good chance at taking Silva down or even hanging in there with the striking, given GSP's movement and quick reflexes.
I'm a GSP nut-hugger through and through.

He should not fight Silva, and it's not "only" about size.

3 or 4 years ago, GSP-Silva looked interesting. GSP was mowing through WW and Silva was in the middle of a string of fights where he looked less than impressive.

Now GSP is getting all he can handle in WW. He was pushed hard by Shields, losing a couple rounds for the first time, and almost knocked out by CC.

You don't go up in weight when you are being pushed to your max at your current weight. In my opinion, GSP has not looked good enough at WW to go up in weight. Meanwhile, since those strings of unimpressive fights Silva has returned to invincibility (4.5 rounds not withstanding).

In my opinion, if GSP goes up it should be to 185 where he would need 2 or 3 wins to earn a title shot. But I think he's too small for 185. At 5'10, in the last 5 years he's become a small WW with guys like CC, Rory Mac, Diaz, Hardy all at 6' or taller.