alan belcher chokes


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Dec 8, 2011
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what the fuck was up with those 3 half-assed guillotine chokes?!?!? he went for one every round, gave up after a few seconds, and then was stuck on the ground helpless. You know okami wants to take you down and hug u for the win, why would you want to play his game?

There were also 3 TD attempts that belcher was able to reverse on the way down n take control...but the first 2 he got right back up, the 3rd one he finally decided to do some GnP.
Yeah I was pretty disapointed, highkicks against okomi what was he thinking? Then he went and pulled guard against the blankey Okami, he needs to rethink his gameplanning.
2 hype trains in a row crash. Belcher and Boetsch.
He overestimated his abilities is what happened.
neither are overrated just bad nights, both really good fighters.
well i thought okami was going to win, bet on him (yet still wanted him to lose, soooo boring) but after seeing the 3rd round if belcher stuck to pure boxing for 3 rounds he woulda probably won.

I just dont understand how u can be so talented and not understand how to fight a very one-dimensional fighter.
belcher had all the tools to win that fight, dude just choked like dan marino.
belcher has low fight iq

he hesitates alot too. not a good combo at the highest level