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Akakabuto's Lifting



Age 17, 185cm / 112kg

So I'm a dog baby from Finland and decided to start a log here to help me achieve my goals and to get tips. I started lifting at the Summer of 2007 at a small gym which had bad equipment (mostly machines) and it was the only gym here. I lifted there for the whole summer and when they opened an old gym here ~5 months ago i started going there and was able to start doing some real lifting.

I could have done real stuff at home with stones and stuff like that before at my home but i was too stupid and thought u had to lift 3 days a week and do nothing but sit between the lifting days. It was a dream come true when i could start doing deadlifts and ass-to-grass squats instead of smith-squats or leg presses.

My PR's @ December 2007:

Bench Press 50kg
Deadlift 2x100kg
Squat 80kg
Log Press - couldn't even get one rep with 45kg log
Push ups - zero full-reps
Chin Up - i got up a few cm's

Now 5.4.2008

Bench Press 70kg , 5x60kg
Deadlift 150kg , 5x130kg , both done with double-overhand grip.
Squat 120kg , 5x80kg
Log Press 2x65kg
Girya Push Jerk 32kg with both hands
Front Squat 3x60kg
Push-ups ~10
CoC#2 closed - right hand with set-up
Strict Press 6x40kg
Chin Up - maybe 10cm close from 1 rep

I haven't put much effort in push-ups or chin ups but they've been progressing well anyways. I know my lifts are still bad for my weight or any weight but im going to get stronger and leaner.

Near future goals:
Drop 10-15kg's of bodyfat
Deadlift 3x140 , 3x150
Log Press 3x70
1 chin-up
Front squat 3x80

Long term goals (this year):
Deadlift 200kg
Log press 100kg
Front Squat 5x100

I've written a bunch of goals to my paperback log but those i listed above are the most important ones. They might not be reasonable but i think i can achieve them. Im trying to drop the fat because i have medical examinations coming up or something like that and i know i cant drop the fat if i dont keep this log. I love chocolate. I dropped out dairy products which probably gave me over 50% of the daily protein and im wondering what do u people eat when u need protein fast? Im definately going to get some protein powder to help me out though.

My main goal is to be a strongman and I'm going to compete this or the next year. I know i should compete as soon as possible but i dont think theres any competitions with reasonable weights around here so i have to get alot stronger.

Training books/manuals i own:
Supertraining by Mel Siff
Rock Iron Steel by Steve Justa
Training Templates by EliteFTS
Few bodybuilding mags (i was bored and they had some good strength training articles)
Few MILO's
Mastery of Hand Strength by John Brookfield
Body for Life by Bill Phillips and Michael D'orso (it cost me ~5 US dollars)
The Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn

I really like Brookfields and Justas books. I also got myself Muscle by Carlton Leach. I saw Rise of the Footsoldier and was fascinated by the violence in it so i had to get the lifestory of Carlton Leach on my hands.

I train 4-6 days a week without a specific program. I used a split like this in the beginning of 2008 (Riku Kiri inspired split) :

Monday: Bench + assistance
Tuesday: Deadlift + assistance
Wednesday: Rest or light training (calves,abs)
Thursday: Narrow grip bench + assistance like monday
Friday: High rep squats and back work (im not sure why i did this)
Saturday: Rest or light training (calves, abs)
Sunday or Monday : Cycle restarts

Now im emphasizing deadlift and overhead work more because i want to compete in strongman and i like doing them. My squatting sets have always been way weaker than my 1st rep max, and yes im sure my max's were deep enough since i dont know any other ways to measure the depth other than going as deep as i can (touching hamstrings to calves).

At the moment im doing overhead work 1-3 times a week and deadlifting once. I do bench when i feel like it and i usually squat 1-3 times a week depending how often i go to gym. Sometimes i do alot of assistance and i might do abs and calves on a specific day or i might do like i did this week and only did 1-2 lifts a session. I try to keep every 3rd or 4th week light and restorative.

Sample schedule:
Day 1: Deadlift assistance (atg-squats,upperback)
Day 2: Pressing (1-2 vertical , 0-2 horizontal)
Day 3: Deadlift
Day 4: Biceps,abs,calves
Day 5: Pressing (same as day 2)


Day 1: Squat
Day 2: Press
Day 3: Squat
Day 4: Press
Day 5: Deadlift

Theres sometimes rest days in between the heavy days like deadlifting days and i dont always have extra workouts consisting of biceps,calves and abs. I do prefer to do heavy ab work on the days when i havent done anything heavy like squatting or deadlifting.

If u didn't notice yet, i use the metric system. Any responses are welcome!
How did i manage to make this so long, ive never written anything this long..
Nice lifting so far and good luck. You can double overhand 150 kg on deadlifts? Dammit.
Good work so far. Keep the good work and good luck with dropping the weight.
Keep us posted on the progress.
Good luck, here's your creepy vid.

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Front Squat

One-arm db row

Seated Cable-row

Shrugs - my grip was weak after fridays girya throwing & catching and sledgehammer swinging

Jouko-Curls (crossbody hammercurls)

Some neck-bridges
Whats a dog baby?
I can assure you it's not some crazy Finnish thing, because I have no idea what that means, either.
7.4 - Rocky Balboa
Sled dragging in the snow + some girya throwing

For recovery: contrast showers and pvc rolling for legs and back.
I'm starting to think that my throat gets swollen because i've trained too hard. My throat is starting to get swollen after i do deadlifts.. I know im moving pussy weights but I cant figure any other reason for the swollening.

My throat doesn't hurt now and im going to eat painkillers till the end of the week.

-Supplemental back work and arms.


-Gripper singles with #1 and forced closes with #2

I'm feeling pretty good right now but I'm starting to think i need a more specific program , preferably something with high frequency.

Log Press
5x45 (strict)

Incline DB press , hammer grip in the final sets

+ some ab, shoulder and bicep work


Had a physical test or something like that (PR day for me really)
13 push-ups in 30sec or 1min , not sure.
1 chin-up
25 sit-ups hands together behind the neck and partner holding the legs down , 30sec or 1min
also some other stuff such as flexibility,speed and jumping.

~1 year ago those were 0-1 push-ups , 20 sit-ups and 0 chin-ups with less bodyweight.

Log Press

French Press 3x10
Tricep Push-downs 3x10
DB Curls 3x8
Reverse Cable Curls 3x10

warmed up with back extensions and light deadlifts

Deadlift - DOH
5x140 , belt on, best set ever so far, had to re-chalk fast after 3rd rep.
-high rep band work for neck and shoulder mobility work

-push jerks with 32kg kettlebell. triples,doubles and singles.

DB rows 3x10x40kg
Lat pulldown 3x6
back extensions with 25kg plate

My training has been weak, low motivation since I haven't had regular lifting partners. I need to start doing some sort of a routine next week. Something with high frequency and geared towards strongman. I've been doing sit-ups,push-ups and shoulder mobility work with bands every day now.
Haven't done squats in a while.

ATG Squats

2-dumbbell strict overhead-press

Bench press

Standing cable abs
Floor sit-ups , legs supported, plate behind head
Did some gripper work and filled my oil barrel on Sunday.


2 DB Press

Upright row 4x10
Lat pulldowns 5x8

Ab pulldowns with some isometric holds, greek chair leg raises, hanging knee tucks.