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    Is trying to coin a basic whitebelt move as the Agazarm. I don't think he's realized his hype is gone and he can't make statements like that, making a basic triangle into his name. No one that knows BJJ saw that and thought he did anything differently. Ik he's elite on the ground but his first fight kinda showed he doesn't have what it takes. They set him up to show his BJJ like they've done with Danis but he couldn't even implement his game from the shoot. He's not asking for a top fighter. Please Bellator, give him the chance. He can't take it to the ground when he wants and any of the top guys would keep it standing and he'd drown.
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    That’s not a “ basic triangle”.
    Show me some mma fights where you see this.
    Sure he didn’t invent it. But to say it’s a white belt move and it is common is ridiculous.

    you can show hundreds of triangles but you don’t see that a lot.

    He just started fighting. He’s better every time he steps out. the guy he fought was a solid fighter. Decent striker. A bjj blackbelt and is durable.

    That fight showed a lot. It showed he can come back from adversity and finish a fight.

    that’s the trademark of being a good fighter.

    is he a top fighter? No. Can he be?
    I don’t know. But he’s going to get better by the month and has a fantastic ground game. so we’ll have to see.

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