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    Hope this helps anyone suffering from arthritis or an autoimmune disorder. I have psoriatic arthritis and this helped me along with another poster quoted below.

    I realize that some or a lot of my ideas may not jive with people, especially if you are completely healthy and don't have any problems with any foods. If this is the case, consider yourself lucky. I could eat everything until the age of 34, when I had my first flare up.

    I'm sharing what allowed me and another sherdogger to heal after multiple doctors couldn't give us any long lasting hope when we started suffering from different autoimmune disorders a few years ago.

    I'll update later with lists of aip safe and unsafe foods along with a few links. If you search aip, you can start to get a general idea.

    Feel free to share questions and comments.. even if you think I'm full of it and don't know crap about nutrition or anything else. I'm open to hearing your thoughts.

    Sherdogger: "Can I ask how you cured your autoimmune disorder via diet? I’m legitimately curious as I have an autoimmune disorder affecting my thyroid and have developed a dairy, gluten, and potato intolerance in the past two years"
    Robocok: "Aip diet. Check out the comments section of this youtube video:

    The guy in the comments with the bust of a bearded Greek statue for his avatar has a lot of good advice. The first part of his name is 'Auto' followed by letters from what I suppose is the Greek alphabet. There's only about a 100 comments.

    I had my first flare up in November of 2015 after going for an hour ride on my bicycle and I remember during the ride I felt.. weird, kind of stiff. I napped when I got home and when I awoke my joints hurt and I couldn't really walk. It got worse and worse from there.

    My gf at the time was there with me and I couldn't even get to the toilet. It hurt too much to walk so I called the paramedics. They took me to the hospital where I met my first dumbass doctor. He was totally unsympathetic and gave me a high strength nsaid and told me to tough it out. Walking out of the hospital with the help of the nsaid was possible but it was still excruciating and I was clutching the wall to keep from falling over as I made my way to my gf's car waiting outside.

    I was in bed for the next week and wasn't getting better. A couple weeks earlier, I had been training wrestling and mma and now I had to use a bedpan and it was painful to open up a water bottle. I was desperate and had resigned myself to the fact that this was now my life. I accepted that my athletic days were behind me.

    After a week, I reached out to my old wrestling coach because I couldn't go down the stairs of our apartment to get to the urgent care. My wrestling coach is a stud and with the help of my dad, they helped get me down to the car in my wheelchair.

    This next doctor was way, way better than the previous jerk from the er. He said that he believed that I have psoriatic arthritis and wanted to run some tests. I was still in the wheelchair. He gave me a shot of 2 different corticosteroids (one fast acting and another that was long term acting), prescription strength nsaids, omneprazole to protect my stomach, prednisone, and antibiotics due to the effect that corticosteroids have on the immune system. This worked instantly like magic and by the time we drove 10 minutes back to the apartment, I was able to walk back up the stairs. A week or two after this, I was back to training with my old coach.

    I didn't change anything in my diet or lifestyle after this, hoping that maybe it was a fluke from some weird flu I caught, and I was fine for over a year after this.

    The next flare up began in late January of 2017 and came on more slowly. I gradually noticed more pain, stiffness, and swelling in my joints. I tried to work through it and for a couple of months I was able to limp around though I couldn't train properly anymore and I wasn't doing well. Finally in early March, I saw a new doctor because my insurance didn't cover the last guy even though I liked him.

    I told the new doctor everything that had happened up until then and he agreed that I had an autoimmune disorder of some kind. He gave me a shot of dexamethasone, prednisone, and antibiotics again and I was back to my old self in a couple of hours.

    This relief only lasted until mid-June 2017 when I had my 3rd and probably most severe flare up. On June 30th, I was admitted to a new ER after not being able to get out of bed for a week. The nurses and everyone were really nice. My doctor was a lady with an attitude who didn't listen much to me. I told her that I needed a shot of dexamethasone, a prescription for prednisone, and antibiotics and it was clear that her ego didn't like her patient telling her what they needed.

    She and the nurses told me that I looked gray and pale in the face and that she was going to give me morphine for my pain which I declined. I'm not sure what they gave me. I did get a prescription for prednisone and as soon as my prescription ran out my symptoms came right back after only a week out of the hospital.

    I was desperate at this point. I was taking NSAIDs every single day just to function and they were tearing up my stomach. They only allowed me to barely walk.

    I had a new doctor set up through my insurance and went to see him in mid July or so, limping and hobbling my way through his office. After my initial check up and being sent to a lab for blood tests, he asked me to come back next week and we'd come up with a definite plan after discussing possibly doing regular shots of corticosteroids or trying a drug known as humira. The long term side effects of both of these treatments suck and I was not looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, I was online and I read everything I could about psoriatic arthritis and natural remedies as I was desperate for relief. I was still dependent on the NSAIDs and they were messing up my stomach along with taxing my liver.

    It was in this time that I discovered the video I linked and began talking to the gentleman from Greece to whom I will forever be grateful. With nothing to lose, I jumped headfirst into the aip diet and while it was frustrating to only be able to eat such a limited number of foods, I noticed after a few days that I was definitely improving. I felt REBORN. I could walk again without pain and I got my life back. To ssy that I was pleased is a total understatement. You don't truly appreciate your health until it's taken from you.

    I still showed up to my doctor appointment and they immediately commented that I looked better. I told him that I felt better and had been doing the aip-diet and his response was 'oh yeah, I've heard about that." I was dumbfounded that he didn't mention it to me as a potential remedy to at least try.

    When I thought about it more though, it made sense. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are in this to make a profit. They don't want people to take control of their own health. They want us to be dependent on their expensive crap and to stay sick. All of the treatments that doctors had offered me had been mere bandaids that treated the symptoms of my ailment without addressing the root core of the problem.

    Humira and corticosteroids are very expensive. A simple diet change is not.

    At this point, I eat pretty much whatever I want except for gluten provided that the food is organic and high quality (obviously fast food is out of the question and anyone who advocates eating that crap is not someone you should listen to). I had one brief flare up a few months back, and after following strict aip for a week or two I was back to my old self and being able to eat everything sans gluten.

    Now I can lift weights, wrestle, box, ride my bike, run. I am alive, healthy, strong overall, and I've never been happier.

    Aip changed my life even though I don't follow it all the time. I know it's there when I need it and it worked when nothing else did.

    Another thing to watch out for is soy. They put that crap in everything and it can have a similar effect to gluten.

    Any questions, hit me up. Good luck

    This is what my feet and ankles looked like during one of my flare ups. You can see the swelling and psoriasis

    View attachment 635863

    View attachment 635865

    I'd also like to delve further into why it is so important to eat organic and avoid eating low quality crap like McDonald's that others are erroneously claiming is not only ok, but high quality.

    There are several problems with this type of food. One is the health of the animals. They are packed into a small area and not given a lot of space to move around. These conditions are ripe for illness as the animals are constantly standing around in feces. To combat this, they're given antibiotics. The problem with the reckless use of antibiotics that has been going on with modern mass produced food is that gradually the antibiotics become less effective as the bacteria that they are meant to combat become resistant to the antibiotics. That's why we now have 'super strains' of bacteria popping up that are resistant to antibiotics. Vietnam in particular is known for particularly egregious misuse of antibiotics and it's finally affecting the rest of the world.

    The other problem with antibiotic use in the animals we eat is that it destroys our own 'healthy bacteria' also known as probiotics and healthy gut and skin flora, both of which are related. Eating only a little bit of shit like McDonald's will absolutely wreck your healthy flora. Denny's, burger king, carls jr, wendys, taco bell... they're all the same. Stay away from it! It's not worth compromising your health.

    Another problem with non-organic food is the use of hormones for the animals. The meat is sold by weight and in order to pump up this number, the animals are given the juice. When we eat their meat, it fucks with our own hormones. This also further compromises the immune system of the animals as well as us.

    Yet another problem with fast food is the use of pesticides in the fruits and veggies. Cancer as well as other problems are linked to this. Do some research on the effects of different pesticides on our health. It's both troubling and fascinating.

    Finally, they also heavily use preservatives in their crap food at fast food restaurants. I remember speaking to a guy who was a manager at a McDonald's and he told me about how their lettuce would still look the same after 2 months. You don't want this shit in your body.

    You're already aware of the effects of gluten on your body. Gluten apologists like to act like we're the extreme minority and that bread and pasta are totally fine for the majority of us. The reality is that it's not just people with celiac disease who have issues with wheat. It's estimated that over 95% of people who have a gluten allergy are undiagnosed. Just because the allerga isn't debilitating doesn't mean that it isn't causing some level of harm. Overall, gluten is a shit food and no one really needs it.

    Here's the interesting part, only 20 years ago the US government was recommending that a large portion of our diet should be breads and pastas. This is for a couple reasons, the primary one being the root of all kinds of evil, money.

    Remember this food pyramid?
    View attachment 635875

    IAs another user mentioned, there are billions of dollars at stake in the mass farming and pharmaceutical industry which dominates the US. Many of our politicians are bought and owned by these assholes. They're not going to just hit the brakes on the money train that is the wheat and pharmaceutical industry.

    Another benefit to keeping people eating wheat is that it creates so many health problems which can then be addressed with... pharmaceuticals. It's a big circle jerk and the average person is getting the hard end from the corporations, politicians, and doctors who are taught that this is normal and the way things are.

    The pharmaceutical companies don't want healthy people who take responsibility for their own well being. They want you sick and dependent on their so called medication.

    Check out the food inc documentary for more information on why monoculture farming is a bad idea.
    Here's a video from the creator.

    Another good documentary is this one.

    There will always be people who defend this bs and try to obfuscate the issue by using fancy terminology and referencing the education and MD status of them and their fellow proponents of pharmaceuticals, large scale monoculture farmers, and fast food corporations.

    Learn how to see through the bs and take back control of your health. I was given no hope by any of the doctors who I saw to ever be the way I was and am now again.

    My girlfriend's exhusband is a doctor and her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend recently came to visit us. They're both in medical school atm. The boyfriend is studying neuroscience and he said that gut flora is one of the most important factors in mental health. He stated it more eloquently and detailed than this, but that was the gist of what he was saying.

    Look into probiotic supplements, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, etc.. you want to use a variety of probiotics, not the same thing all the time.

    Eating organic isn't cheap, but it's important for our health.

    And again, watch out for soy. They sneak it into everything.

    I also had headaches as well that were present during my flare ups. Aip is also a cousin of keto. I don't think it's a good idea to follow keto all the time, but it's another good tool along with aip to help starve the 'bad' bacteria and candida that grow out of control during our flare ups. Candida and other 'bad' bacteria overgrowths thrive on sugar and simple carbs. It's important to keep our sugar low during flare ups. Salads and olives are ok. I forget what else but will update with lists safe and unsafe aip foods. I haven't had to do strict aip since January when I had my last flare up that I quickly overcame using strict aip diet for 1-2 weeks. After my symptoms abated, I was able to slacken up the diet and enjoh a broader range of foods again. No doctors, no pharmaceuticals, no pain, no side effects. Praise God.

    Watch out for vegetable oils too. They cause inflammation which is the source of a lot of our pain. They sneak that crap into everything.

    Coconut, avocado, and olive oil are ok.

    "This runs parallel to my own experience. I started to have joint pain in my hands, wrists, and elbows in the spring of 2016. Pain, swelling, and redness would show up in one joint for 3 days, completely go away for 1 or 2 days and then rapidly reappear in a different joint only to repeat that process over and over again. I went through the possibilities in my head.....gout, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, gonococcal arthritis, lyme disease. The first two doctors weren't too helpful. They just prescribed prednisone and told my not to worry about it once I became asymptomatic. But the symptoms always came back after the Rx was finished.

    I stumbled upon the AIP diet shortly after deciding I needed to see a rheumatologist as the GP's I saw were worthless. I figured I'll try to manage my own symptoms prior to seeing a specialist since modern medicine hadn't done me much good for that last 3 months. So for two months I followed the diet to the letter. And sure enough I went one week between flairs, then two weeks, and then a month. Each subsequent flair only lasted about 1-2 days in duration as well.......... And finally no more flares. I had be symptom free for nearly 2 weeks leading up to my Dr's appointment. He did blood work and everything looked great except my RA factor was 30 something which is 5x's higher than what the average person should have so I was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism. But he was really confused as to why I wasn't currently having a flare and that I hadn't had a flare for so long. I explained to him what had done to my diet and the theory as to why it works for so many people. I take 200mg of Plaquinel per day. It's cheap, I tolerate it well, and my subsequent blood work has shown my RA factor is now within the normal range. I really believe that overhauling my diet is what led to such a dramatic shift in my symptoms and presentation of my disease. If I had waited to attempt the AIP it's possible things would have eventually progressed towards full blown RA and that I would have had permanent damage and the need for much stronger drugs to live a somewhat normal life.

    Like most on the AIP diet I've added things back into my daily eating that I find don't trigger symptoms. Like white rice, butter, most spices, and honey. However, I still do my best to stay away from nightshades, ALL other grains, legumes, soy especially, and nasty/shitty plant oils that are better suited for industrial applications(safflower, canola, cottonseed). I'm even more careful with the amount of fruit I choose to eat. I've already got Celiac disease and Vitiligo and my mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis so by eating modern manmade trash food for years and years plays a huge role in which genes are turned on and off. If you have genetic or familial predisposition towards autoimmunity, you should REALLY REALLY be wary of what you put into your body.

    People need to know that there are healthier alternatives than shoving a bunch of pills and needles into your body when you get sick.

    Steak vs chicken
    Over consumption of Omega 6 fatty acids, processed carbohydrates, processed "vegetable oils", and trans fat is way more concerning than saturated my opinion. Your own selfstudy may draw you to different conclusion.

    According to Cronometer chicken breast has a more complete amino acid profile, while steak is denser in micro nutrients. The steak has slightly more fat which makes it a bit more calorie dense as well.

    I'd go for the steak.

    Vegetable oils topic
    You know things are totally upside down when the American Heart Association recommends you eat industrial seed oils like canola, cotton, safflower, and soybean oil over something natural like coconut oil or tallow/lard. Those "vegetable oils" require the use of hexane, solvents, bleaching agents, and deodorizers to event make them somewhat palatable. It's disgusting.

    The AHA advisory board members have close ties to Coca Cola, Monsanto, and Subway. They also receive tens of millions of dollars from companies like Proctor and Gamble(they make Crisco), Bayer(owns LibertyLink Soybeans), and Pfizer(produce Lipitor, the world's most popular statin). So take a wild guess at which studies they choose to cherry pick and who sponsored said studies.

    if you or someone you know has an autoimmune disorder, arthritis, or is regularly prescribed prednisone, corticosteroids, or antibiotics they might want to try aip diet.

    I'll update the list below as time goes on. If you want a more comprehensive list, search aip safe and unsafe foods.

    • meat and fish, preferably not factory raised
    • vegetables (but not nightshades, such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and potatoes)
    • sweet potatoes
    • fruit (in small quantities)
    • coconut milk
    • avocado, olive, and coconut oil
    • dairy-free fermented foods, such as kombucha, kefir made with coconut milk, sauerkraut, and kimchi
    • honey or maple syrup (but only to be used occasionally, in small quantities)
    • fresh non-seed herbs, such as basil and oregano
    • green tea and non-seed herbal teas
    • bone broth
    • vinegars, such as apple cider and balsamic
    • all grains, such as oats, rice, and wheat
    • all dairy
    • eggs
    • legumes, such as beans and peanuts
    • nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and potatoes)
    • all sugars, including sugar replacements (except for occasional use of honey)
    • butter and ghee
    • all oils (except for avocado, coconut, and olive)
    • food additives
    • alcohol

    • all grains, such as oats, rice, and wheat
    • all dairy
    • eggs
    • legumes, such as beans and peanuts
    • nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and potatoes)
    • all sugars, including sugar replacements (except for occasional use of honey)
    • butter and ghee
    • all oils (except for avocado, coconut, and olive)
    • food additives
    • alcohol
    • chocolate
    • coffee
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    amazing man, congrats on finding a non pharmacological solution to your illness. A lot of foods that we ingest these days are processed poison. I hope you are able to keep your symptoms at bay!
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    Was back on Pentasa and Cortisone for my ulcerative colitis that I've been battling back and towards with since last year March.

    But after reading your post 2 days ago and starting with the AIP diet, I feel almost back in remission. So thank you :)
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