after watching the JDS v Velasquez weigh ins, (weight cut question)


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Aug 7, 2011
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They looked pretty ripped, did they cut weight, or are they both in prime shape for this fight, do they cut some water for the weigh in, is it psychological up at the HW division with these guys, obviously they are well under the 260 limit and never have been close at weigh ins, but would they cut to then bump up to 250 or so on fight night? for psychological reasons, a bit of gamesmanship for their opponents?

maybe ive only seen photos where they this only looked to be the case and they walk in tonight the same as at weight int
Cain didnt look ripped at all.
They don't cut. Brock had to cut, he walks around 275, 265 is the limit. Alistair has to watch his weight, he is around 260.
Yep no cutting, why Cain said he enjoyed his Christmas dinner :)
Maybe a little bit of nerves and so on might let someone eat less or just skip lunch till after.

JDS looked pretty ripped, Cain looked regular.
No one on here can definitely say whether they did or not. Putting themselves through any cut when they are both 25 lbs under the limit would be about the dumbest shit either of them could ever do, so pretty damned unlikely unless it is a new secret method just discovered and passed along by sensei Steven Segal, lord and savior of all that is martial art. Anyways both looked like they usually do.
would be a terrible idea to cut some weight for "psychological" reasons
I would not call it weight cutting but JDS certainly adjusts his weight to be 239 lbs every time.
Cain has a certain body type, not everyone bulks like a superhero when they are in shape.