After Margarito, and if against Mosley, Marquez, Berto, or Bradley.

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by warrenchikchik, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys..

    If Paquiao wins against Margarito and goes on to fight his next opponent. How would you predict him against Mosley, Marquez, Berto or Bradely??? Those would be some great fights, I can't wait...
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    i) Mosley has to get by Mora first (which I believe he's capable of), and there's also the fact that Top Rank and Golden Boy have a lot of animosity towards one another.
    ii) Marquez is also Golden Boy fighter, plus Pacquiao officially is 1-0-1 against him (even though they were 1 point wins for him, at best). Finally, Marquez needs to get past Katsidis (which I believe he's capable of but will be a comparatively tougher match-up on paper than Mora for Mosley).
    iii) Berto would probably be doable, but he is advised by Al Haymon, who isn't on the best of terms with Top Rank.
    iv) Bradley would probably be the easiest fight to make of the 4, but he's gotta get past Alexander in January (?) first.
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    I wanna see Pacquiao vs Mosley at 147 i see Mosley like a 45 semi auto pistol
    and Pacquiao like a 9 mill machine gun ,am thinking the machine gun wins, unless
    it jam's
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    1. Mosley will get by Mora but it is be alot closer of a fight then people hae been saying. IMO
    2. I think Kat is going to give JMM hell for the first 4-5 rds before JMM gets his timing and out boxs him to a Dec.
    3. Berto is a worthy opponent but he still can't sell the tickets and it might be a hard sell for manny to take that fight but he did take Clottey.
    4. I don't want the fight with Bradley, Bradley has too many options at 140 to be trying to go after Pac or Floyd.

    I would like to see to him take on the Winner of Cotto/Chavez, if they can get that fight together.But chavez might sit that fight out to challenge the winner of Marteniz/Willaims.

    What about Clintron, Angulo, or Collazo.
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    I like to see the Pacman fight Mosley or a rematch with Marquez, but I doubt he will take rematch with Marquez.

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