After 2 years I finally went back


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Jun 20, 2002
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Last night I started training again after a 2 year layoff and, damn I'm sore but it feels so good. I'm a little rusty obviously and my cardio is not up to par yet but everything just came back to me like I never stopped.

Our instructed just opened a new school with 2000 sf of mats, a boxing ring, a room with 8 heavy bags and 2 double end bags, some weights I can't wait to get in there.
Im in the middle of a long layoff at the moment. Tore an abductor muslce, been out 7 months and counting at this point. Very frustrating.
That sucks. I was out those 2 years because my wife had our second child so I just couldn't spend the time and money then. Oddly enough I'm going to the doctors on Friday to see if he's going to cut my shoulder to fix my rotator cuff.
Good luck wiith the doctor's appointment and glad to hear you're able to train again. That 2 year layoff is about as long as I've been training, total!
Thanks, as much as I want him to just cut me and fix it, is as much as I don't want him too. Before I took that 2 year break I was training stready for 3 years. It just feels so good to be back.
Keep at it man you can be 100% again in no time with dedication
Youll be suprised how quick you pick it back up and perhaps come back even better. My buddy took a year off and after a week of training it was like he never missed a beat